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    -Raike watched as the little girl ran up to Ryuu with a little capsule in her hand. Raike shook his head slightly, predicting what was about to happen. Apparently, Ryuu seemed to tired to try and rush that girl because all he did was snatch the capsule from her, then curse her out, so much for keeping kids minds pure. As the kid then went to take shelter behind Kerin, Bern decided to take advantage of Ryuu's previous threat to explain just what was going to go down this year's game. Apparently there was to be no winner this year, which meant they were going to just assimilate all of us.

    She also stated that the Gods wanted her gone especially, so she couldn't take the leading position of the rebelion to overthrow the current government. In a sense, this could also mean that each one of the people here where chosen, not randomly, but handpicked, each for some particular skill they posessed that could greatly increase the chances of a rebellion victory. He closed his eyes once more, and began to speak.-

    "Okay Bernkastel, we know why they want you dead, but what about us? I can see that Ryuu would be an excelent warrior in a rebelion, but he only cares about killing, an unreliable source of power. Shiro... well she's just freaking psychotic, and I don't know about Marisa well, not yet at least. Even me? If anything I really didn't do much in my own district... well not as much as the rest of you."
    -Raike sighed, going back over his record in his mind. He had done some things he regretted, but almost nothing servere enough to be rendered a threat, at least he thought.-
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