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that really burns my poffins..
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    Originally Posted by Zeph. View Post
    Question time: how do we know what pokemon Gym Leaders use? Or can we decide for our individual battles?
    I guess I would base it on what they had on in the games.
    but as long as it matches the type thats fine too.

    Originally Posted by Darkfox1525 View Post
    Done. Might not be my best work, but i like it. If anything needs to be changed, please tell me. (And something funny about this is that I made this ENTIRE SU while listening to music. All of it. XD)

    Name: Erik Roseberry
    Nickname: "The Champion"
    Occupation: Trainer, rival to none (may change depending on where i go with the RP)
    Hometown: Nuvema Town
    Home Region: Unova Region
    Age: 16


    -Height: 6'2"
    -Hair: His hair color is black, and has somewhat spiky hair, although its hard to tell as he always wears his signature hat.
    - Eye color: Grey
    -Skin tone: Light
    -Clothing Style: Mostly wears a white shirt underneath a light green jacket, black pants, and is always wearing a black hat, except when he goes to sleep.

    Personality: He's cold, keeps to himself, and even comes off as mean. The only time he shows any type of emotion is when he's around his friends, or towards pokemon. Ever since he became the Unova League Champion, he doesn't waste time befriending or helping people. Erik wasn't always like that though. He used to be really friendly, always willing to help, and trusted most people. What caused this sudden change in personality can only be guessed at. He hates to fly, especially on airplanes. But for some reason, while ridding on his Aerodactyl, he loves to be in the air. Its another thing people can only guess as to why he hates to fly, but feels fine while ridding pokemon.

    History: Born and raised in Nuvema Town, Erik never left his home town. Nothing really ever happened to him. At the age of 10, he received his first pokemon, an Oshawott, who he called Izanagi, as he read a book about the legends of Izanami and Izanagi before hand. His mom gave him a map of the Unova Region, so he doesn't get lost. His dad also gave him a hat, saying he wore this during his pokemon journey. Just as he was about to leave his home town, a thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere. Then a pokemon started to descend from the sky. It was Zekrom, the pokemon of the Unova Region legends.The pokemon then flew away, leaving Erik to wonder why it had appeared. He decided to move along with his adventure, hoping to see Zekrom again.

    Reaching Accumula Town, Erik saw a strange man dropped something on the ground. Walking over to the dropped item, he saw it was some Amber. Erik picked it up, and tryed to return it back to the strange man, but he refused to take it back, and said Erik could keep it. Thanking the man, he put it in his bag, and continued on his journey. Walking into Striaton City, Erik saw a pack of Lillypups were attacking a Vulpix, a pokemon not native to the Unova Region. What was even weirder is that this Vulpix was a Shiny Pokemon. Sending out Izanagi, Erik saved the Vulpix. The Vulpix ran away, scared that Erik was going to attack it. Erik decided to leave the Vulpix alone, and continued to the Striaton Gym. He fought hard, but he lost to the Gym Leaders. Disappointed, he went to the Dream Yard to train his Pokemon, only to find the Shiny Vulpix being attacked again, but not by some pokemon, but by a trainer. Running to the aid of the pokemon, he challenged the trainer to a pokemon battle, and won. After the battle, Izanagi evolved into a Dewott. Erik then picked up the Vulpix and ran to the Pokemon Center to get it healed. A day later, the Vulpix was completely healed, and wanted to join Erik on his adventure. With his new partner, who he named Kitsune, Erik and his pokemon challenged the Striaton gym again and won. With his new badge, he set out towards the next gym.

    Arriving in Nacrene City, Erik went strait to the Nacrene Gym. Entering the gym, a scientist asked Erik if he had any fossils. Erik showed him the Amber he got from the man in Accumula Town. The scientist took the Amber and told Erik that this fossil contained the DNA of an Aerodactyl, and that he could revive it. The scientist told Erik to come back after he fought the Gym Leader. Erik found and challenged the gym leader, and won. After he got his badge, Erik heard a loud explosion coming from the entrance of the gym. Running out side, Erik saw an Aerodactyl destroying the city. Sending out Izanagi, Erik battled and caught the Aerodactyl. He found out that the Aerodactyl was from the fossil that Erik gave to the scientist. When it was revived, it went berserk for some reason, and started to destroy the city. Naming his new pokemon Ridley, Erik continued on his journey.

    As Erik was walking through Pinwheel Forest, another thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere. Again, Zekrom had descended from the sky, and flew away. Erik then made a goal to find and catch Zekrom. Erik spent the next three years training to become the Unova League Champion, and to become strong enough to catch Zekrom. Along the way, Erik's Dewott evolved into a Samurott. He also found a Fire Stone, and evolved his Vulpix into a Ninetails. He caught an Emolga, but traded it for a Skorupi, which evolved into a Drapion and was given the name Yami. He also caught an Axew, which evolved into a Fraxure, then into a Haxorus, and was given the name Tiamat. He returned to his home town, and as a birthday present from his parents, he was given a Ralts, which he evolved into a Kirlia, and used a Dawn Stone he found on his journey, and evolved the Kirlia into a Gallade, which he named Ryu. He found and caught a Glaceon in a cave where he was training, and named it Yukiko. Erik found his last pokemon, a Mareep, in the desert, abandoned by its trainer. He took it under his care and called it Chidori. He trained Chidori untill it evolved into a Flaaffy, and then into an Ampharos. Using these pokemon, he conquered the Unova League Gym's and the Elite Four, and faced the Unova League Champion, Alder, and somehow managed to win. As a reward for beating the Unova League Champion, he was given a Master Ball, which he planed to use on Zekrom. Another three years have gone by after Erik became the Unova League Champion, and has been following Zekrom's trail. For some odd reason, Zekrom has traveled to the Hoenn Region. Erik (most unwilling) flew to the Hoenn Region on an airplane, and is now riding on his Samurott, heading towards Dewford City, where he believes Zekrom will appear next.

    Pokémon Party:

    1st – Samurott (Male)
    Nickname: Izanagi
    Type: Water
    Nature: Brave
    Moves: Megahorn, Ice Beam, Revenge, Hydro Pump, Swords Dance

    2rd – Ninetails (Female)
    Nickname: Kitsune
    Type: Fire
    Nature: Quiet
    Moves: Flamethrower, Psyshock, Energy Ball, Attract, Faint Attack
    Other: Shiny

    3nd – Aerodactyl (Male)
    Nickname: Ridley (To those of you who played Metriod Prime, you'll get why i named him Ridley. XD )
    Type: Rock, Flying
    Nature: Bold
    Moves: Ancient Power, Sky Drop, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Hyperbeam

    4th – Drapion (male)
    Nickname: Yami
    Type: Poison, Dark
    Nature: Naughty
    Moves: Cross Poison, X-Scissor, Crunch, Giga Impact, Earthquake

    5th– Haxorus (Male)
    Nickname: Tiamat
    Type: Dragon
    Nature: Adamant
    Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace, Draco Meteor

    6th– Gallade (Male)
    Nickname: Ryu
    Type: Psychic, Fighting
    Nature: Calm
    Moves: Psychic, Close Combat, X-Scissor, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt

    7th – Glaceon (Female)
    Nickname: Yukiko
    Type: Ice
    Nature: Modest
    Moves: Ice Beam, Ice Fang, Shadow Ball, Mirror Coat, Toxic

    8th– Ampharos (Female)
    Nickname: Chidori
    Type: Electric
    Nature: Mild
    Moves: Thunder, Signal Beam, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt

    listening to muisc eh? well thats how i write all my posts! it helps me in a way. xD
    anywho, i like how you already have a set plan of what your character is doing, and a different one at that.
    you are accepted.
    ~dream team~
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