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    This is a really good team I have to say. This won't be such a long rate, but nonetheless...

    Those Heatran EVs are really wierd 0_o. As your sole dragon resist, you'll need to make it much more bulky. Maxing Heatran's HP stat gives you greater overall bulk as opposed to investing in it's already great defenses. I recommend a spread as such 252HP / 128SpA / 128SpD if you want a better mix of attacking prowess and defensiveness. Also, you'll need either HP Ice or Dragon Pulse somewhere; just statusing the dragons isn't enough especially since every dragon has an option to hurt Heatran with (Surf, EQ, etc).

    Speaking of dragons... wow, if Latios can catch Heatran on a Surf, then everything else gets obliterated by Draco Meteor. It's not so weak taht you can't play around it though, just smack it hard with Payback or something on the predicted switchin and a combination a Rocks + residue damage will bring it down.

    Using Psychic on Reuniclus is probably a better idea. Since the pair of fat nurses give Conkeldurr a free switch in anyway and Shadow Ball doesn't do enough on it's own.