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Originally Posted by Meri-tje View Post
Nice mapping.
I like the Munna OW sprite too.
Too bad you couldn't get Musharna to work,
but Munna looks really nice as well!

Maybe remove the shade on the last map on the bottom left of that water thingy.
It seems a bit out of place (but maybe that's just me lol)

Hope you get a video or more screens on soon
Keep it up!
Thanks. I'll work on the Route 1 map soon.

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
Tiles are ... AWESOME!!!! :D

The game looks tons better now ;3
Hahaha, Wesley's tiles do look amazing. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
It looks nice. The palettes however remind me of Pokemon Turquoise. xD

I love the Munna sprite, it looks very cute. <3
I have a question, are you going to change the hero Ow?
Oh, they do? Turquoise was definitely one of my favourite ROM hacks. Tropical Sunlight was also one of my favourite ROM hackers. And yes, I plan to change the hero's overworld eventually. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
Oh my goodness I've fallen in love with that wild grass tile. I'm loving how the tiles are looking. However, the NDS type OW doesn't really fit in my opinion. It's way too large in comparison with the GBA hero/ine sprites. I think you're going to have to either:

a) Change styles completely to NDS
b) Adjust the Munna OW to a GBA style

Good luck and keep it up, Flandre.

PS. You've got a tile error on that pond of yours .
Hahaha gee, thank you. I managed to downscale the Munna OW to a size that looks more suitable. Thank you for your comment and feedback.

Originally Posted by The Scarecrow Toxin View Post
Wow! I really like how clean this came out. The story is fascinating and very interesting.
If you need any OW sprites just ask. I'd be glad to help out.
Haha, thank you very much.

Originally Posted by tanjim13 View Post
this looks great... waiting 4 the beta
Soon my friend, soon.

Originally Posted by ~|Sora|~ View Post
Hi everyone!
Let's see ...
I quite like the story is very detailed and interesting, besides, is the effort to produce it.
Now, talk about the graphics:
Apparently, the tiles you use are fine, it is true that you can improve a lot, for example, grass Pokémon or lake / river.
Wesley houses I love, they stick pretty well to this style of tiles and palettes, I see that you still have tiles to change how the box ...
Mmm ... the interior tiles are very good, I like that style HG/SS-GBA maintaining, and OW Munna is great only if you use GBA's OW OW would improve more GBA Munna.
Well, otherwise it looks pretty good, I see no errors in the mapping or bad detail elsewhere of the sample images.
Just to tell you much luck with the Hack and expect more updates and news of him: P

Att. ~|Sora|~.
Thanks for your feedback. As stated above, I did manage to downscale the Munna OW to a size which is more suitable. The OW did look really big in comparison to the GBA OW's.

Thanks again!


I am back from camp and I am able to work on my ROM hack more now. Here are some screenshots of the new lab event, the Munna OW and the HG/SS style functioning world map.

Screenshots of the lab event (some are missing, if I were to take a shot of all the dialogue it would be really long. And apparently his favourite word is "Listen"!).

  • Cope (a.k.a Zunex or Cloud) - Lab Tiles
  • diegoisawesome - His scripting tutorial, which I use as a reference.
  • HackMew - eXtreme Script Edtior
  • MikeMatt15 - his tutorial on editing the World Map in FireRed.
  • Person from Spriters-Resource - for the HG/SS style World Map tiles.

Thanks and please leave your feedback!

- me