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Originally Posted by flamehaze94 View Post
On the topic of underrated 'mons.

Anybody thinking that Mamoswine is actually pretty beast this metagame? It can revenge kill weakened [email protected], Thundurus, Salamence all the while sporting one of the strongest Earthquakes in the game. I recognize its prowess after it witnessing it in action today.

Then there's Xatu who's arguably the better magic bouncer in a non-BP team. One, it can actually wall some stuff. Two, it has Recovery in Roost. Unlike Espeon it doesn't get 2HKOed by the common Spikers, Skarmory and Ferrothorn. I can still see why Espeon is preferred however, due to higher offensive stats, but Xatu usage needs to go up >:[
Hell yes Mamoswine is amazing. I think if we took server stats for us specifically, Mamo would be sitting at around #1-2. @_@;

Xatu I remember using at the beginning of BW but gradually fell out of using it - and Espeon, too. I mean while their ability is cool I'm still not fond of using it as the only thing to keep SR off the board - it requires outstanding prediction imo (probably just for SR on stuff like Tyranitar - switching into things like Ferrothorn is easier). I DUNNO I just find it difficult to use the Magic Bouncers effectively, but that's probably just me. :(