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    Originally Posted by Manipulation View Post
    I think you should just put those accusations behind yourself and focus on your hack regardless of whether you did anything or not (which I'm 99% certain you didn't). Just keep it going and it'll be nice to see your hack still going in about a year's time and hopefully you'll be able to add it to that illustrious list of completed hacks. Good luck!
    That is totally my intention. I can't afford to be sidetracked now.
    Originally Posted by Chimchar 9 View Post
    Doesn't matter if there's too much purple. I like purple. <3
    Try a few options, and release the screenshots to the public and let them decide. ;)
    Hmm this isn't a bad idea. We'll see.
    Originally Posted by AshtonTS View Post
    Quick question, where does the current release end? because I can't get past Emerald Town
    That is the end of the current release.
    Originally Posted by zumba View Post
    cyndaquil alll the waaay! pick em! lol. thats who im picking :)

    quick question to Quilava's Master tho. are the bugs in your first post going to be fixed once the new release is out?
    Of course! Right now I'm finishing up Mozilla City [the site of the first gym] and none of the errors from Alpha 1 are present.

    What a week. I got so much done. I've inserted all the ASM Routines I intend to use [credits to Jambo51, NarutoActor, & Hackmew]. If you haven't noticed in the credits department I've added the Trainer Facing fix. Now when you're challenged by a trainer you won't have to battle them with your back facing them. I've also added new music! I added the PokeMart, PokeCenter, Rustboro, Surfing, Route 110, and Verdantuf Themes from R/S/E [credits to Tiggerwoodz for helping me with the voicegroup editing] and the Goldenrod Theme from GSC [credits to Magius for the theme]. That means each map will have it's own atmosphere and music won't have to be recycled too often. I've even made a short video showcasing the features, music, etc. [I truly apologize for that horrid battle at the end, Togepi kept missing cause Wurmple refused to stand still -__-] Also just lik eevery other video taken with VBA the video and sound aren't synced up near the end.

    Also it has been brought to my attention that I never fully explained the altered abilities of some Pokemon yet, so here we go:

    Above we have two Pokemon: Caterpie & Weedle. Normally their ability is simply Shield Dust. However in Zinnos many Pokemon have adapted and gained new abilities. These aren't the only two Pokemon with new abilities. A good majority of Pokemon have new abilities in addition to their previous ability. Only in Zinnos can you own a Dragonite with Thick Fat or a Cancnea with Rough Skin. With the Beta [which still has no release date] I'll include a list of Pokemon with altered abilities. The ability changes are also part of the story, as Valor [a Pokemon hunter and one of the Rivals] searches for such Pokemon. Shinies also play a major role in the story of the hack but I'll reveal more about that later on. Also on an unrelated note I've changed the movesets of almost 200 Pokemon with those from Hoenn retaining their movesets. This was done so that Pokemon learned moves closer together as opposed to having a level 20 Quilava with Tackle still in it's moveset. Pokemon fom Hoenn learned moves at a decent curve so they were left unchanged for the most part.

    This update was supposed to be about the Pokennect but I decided to show off these new features instead. The next update will be about the Pokennect, I promise. Also in the video you'll notice the man in the Pokemon Center who gives you the Togepi event is always there. Since I don't have a release date for the Beta yet I haven't limited his appearence. In the beta he will only be present on one day [which will more than likely be on the first day of the beta release]. Oh and you'll notice that in the screenshots from Update #5 the Togepi is holding the Silk Scarf but in the video it's holding the Lucky Egg. In the beta release the Togepi will be holding the Lucky Egg. Be warned that if you miss the event that's too bad cause that will be your only chance to obtain the Lucky Egg in game without cheating.

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.