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Originally Posted by szerh View Post
Hey, I'm having a problem with playing the game...maybe I need a different emulator? Not sure, but can you help me? I'd really appreciate it!
You tried to play the ips file didn't you? :D
You must patch it to a clean Fire Red ROM =)

Originally Posted by barondante View Post
Um, those with already saved files for 2.5, is there any way for us to get everstones?
Why not play the game again? :D Check last part of my post.

Originally Posted by barondante View Post
Could it be possible to have Everstones sold in Poke Marts for a very cheap price?
Everstones have fixed price. It's 200 according to my knowledge.

Originally Posted by barry guava View Post
when the next beta is out, will i be able to cointinue from the end of beta 2.5 or do i have to restart the game?
This is question that only Metapod can answer.
You see, you can continue either way but there are 2 possibilities =)
1) Metapod did not try anything in the old episodes. That'd mean that you can use your old save states even in the new beta =)
2) Metapod edited something in them. This means he used different flags, or var... just something trivial like that =)
That way I'd strongly recommend to start the game anew because some event might not work as desired.
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