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    Clicking my tongue inside my mouth, i leaned back and took in what the two boys had to say. "....." My eyes were still trained on Fausto`s shoes, when i finally spoke up. "...Yes, and are you saying he is the only unreliable one? Also...Ryuu isn`t here just for his brutual strength..." I looked up, to catch Ryuu`s eyes. "The government is just fine with him killing off demons. After all, the Gods want our population cut in half... The thing is, Ryuu killed an undercover God, and the Dominant God did not like that." I breathed out a sigh, and crossed my arms over eachother. I hated this. Explaining. Talking. I wanted to be unsociable, but these people were... "Agreed, Kerin. Shiro`s only here because she`s drugged up. Her temper is beyond anything..." My gaze ran back to Kerin. "My name is hard to pronounce, i know. But yes, these games aren`t just to lower the population. Its a sort of entertainment for them. Sickening..." My tattoo reappeared back on my wrist; flashing in and out of focus. A snake. It curled around my wrist, with its patterns playing around on its skin. "....." I used my other fingers to softly pet the snake. As if it was the real thing. I lowered my voice to a whisper, as i soothed the tattoo. "Lucifier, now isn`t the time... Later." I watched, as the snakes beady eyes trained onto my face. But, the snake obeyed; sliding up my arm. I could feel it move over my shoulder...Between my breasts before settling onto my stomach where nobody could see.
    "Your plans will fail, my sweet lady. And when they do, your stories will be nothing but lies, your rebellion will be in vain, and war will rage for years until you are but a speck of dust." - Noh
    "The lies of your world will be exposed. My rebellion will rein over your realm, and no longer will this time be plagued by war." - ???
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