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    Update: really small, as usual. I've been repointing lots of tables lately, since they need to be expanded in order to allow inserting new pokemon and stuff.

    I've been also playing around with SGB palettes (also getting rid of that pseudo-white/pink shade), and by the way here's a possible new color scheme for the titlescreen:

    How about it?

    Originally Posted by Rock Star Incorporated View Post
    This looks epic. I am really impressed with what your doing with a retro rom, I am looking more forward to this more than... I don't know what. So happy I randomly clicked onto this thread!

    Originally Posted by kringlur View Post
    I've been lurking on this for a while, but it looks fantastic! I'm really pleased you're working on something so great with the first generation, too.

    The key item seasons idea sounds pretty cool, although it'd have to be explained well in the game in order for someone to get what it's supposed to do. Would NPCs comment on how fast the seasons are changing? Hahaha...
    Thanks. Of course NPC and "trainer tips" signposts will help the player understanding the various feature. After all that's how original creators did too.

    Originally Posted by Dodq2 View Post
    This may not mean much coming from a new member but I have to say, I am more excited for this hack to come out over Pokemon Prism! Not only is the plot compelling, but I have been waiting for the day when finally I would be able to be a badass-avenger-type, but I also get to look like the coolest Pokemon sprite used! I DESPISE looking like the Red/Gold/DPPT-guys!!! I've always wanted too look like the rival, and haven't since Zel (Shiny Gold creator) began and soon quit Pokemon Gary Edition. I'm sure this hack will go far, never give up on it! I can see the raw potential it has. Good luck, I will DEFINITELY be watching and waiting for (dare I say it?) Beta 1!
    Thank you, I seriously plan to make this a complete hack (no idea how it will be going to take, though).

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