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    Legends of Kanto

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon
    Category: Original trainer
    Rating: PG-13

    Well, here is something I've been working on for the past few weeks. This is my first fic in over a year, and I'm hoping you all will like it. It is about a few trainers from Pallet Town setting out on their first journey, all aged 12-13 (screw that 10 year old stuff, lol). Here ye go.

    credit for banner goes to Hybrid Trainer.



    It was a very peaceful day in the town of Pallet. A smooth breeze blew through the town so warmly bathed by the slowly sinking summer sun. The mood was high for the citizens of this peaceful town, as the students attending the Pallet Pokemon School have graduated after a year and a half’s worth of hard work and learning the basics of the creatures known as Pokemon. Now that they have surpassed the basic level of Pokemon education, graduates now have the requirement to begin their own journey through the beautiful land of Kanto, where legends are born.

    Only three students graduate from the class at a time, the top three pupils. These three individuals passed the tests issued by the town’s Pokemon expert, Professor Oak. With each group of three graduates, the Professor gives one Pokemon to each individual, granting them each a proper head start for their upcoming journey.

    The top three students in this years class are Blue, who was an obvious contender for graduation, being the grandson of Professor Oak. However, the boys smarts prove his worthiness, scoring close to perfect marks on each major exam. The second upcoming Pokemon trainer is a boy named Barclay, a kind spirited child who received average scores on his tests. How the third trainer, Red managed to pass was above anyone’s head. His tests scores were the lowest out of the three individuals, yet high enough to beat out the rest of the class. Red is also a kindhearted boy, but can be too childish for his own good.

    The graduation ceremony was nearing its end, and all the graduates had the fire of excitement blazing in their eyes. Their spirits were high with diploma in hand; the guarantee of receiving a Pokemon from Professor Oak only boosted their moods. Their eyes gleamed at the Professor as he approached them.

    “Congratulations to all three of you! I am looking very forward to seeing the three of you head out on your very own Pokemon journeys.”

    Professor Oak smiled and paused for a moment as one of the boys, Red, held his hand up with a question that was likely running through all three boys minds.

    “Professor Oak, when are we getting our Pokemon?”

    Red asked inquisitively as his curious, brown eyes gazed at Professor Oak.

    “Ah, a very good question,” Professor Oak paused again for a quick moment to clear his throat, “I want the three of you to show up to my Pokemon Lab at the very edge of town tomorrow at 8:00AM sharp. Tonight is for you to rest your minds and prepare for the journey ahead.” he added tone to his voice when he mentioned the time.

    Then, the Professor turned to his grandson. Blue couldn’t have had a more serious look in his green eyes when they made contact with the Professors. It was almost like they knew what the other was thinking.

    “Blue, I am very proud of you for accomplishing this.” Professor Oak placed his hand on his grandsons shoulder.

    “Thank you, sir.” Blue nodded.

    Professor Oak then redirected his attention towards all three boys, “I am looking forward to tomorrow. I know you will all do great.” he smiled, waved to the crowd, and made his exit.

    The graduation ceremony ended as the three upcoming trainers received applause from the audience. Well, most of the audience, anyways. A few jealous classmates glared off to the distance; one girl even stormed off during the applause, arms crossed. The crowd dispersed, and the graduates left for home with their respective families. Red walked besides a very proud mother who was staring up into the beautiful orange sky the evening sun had blessed them with. Red was to busy gazing at his diploma with a million thoughts racing through his mind faster than a Rapidash at the track. His mother broke the silence with a very important question.

    “Son,” the brunette woman looked down to her boy, “have you given any thought to what Pokemon you’re going to start out with?”

    “Hmm..” Red looked at the ground and then back up to his mom, “I could choose Bulbasaur, the grass type. Or I could choose Charmander, he looks really cool!” he exclaimed as images of the starter Pokemon ran through his mind, “or Squirtle. That hard shell looks like it’s tough to beat!”

    The sound of her sons excitement was like music to her ears. A beautiful smile stretched across her face, “Well, I’m sure you’ll end up with the right one for you.” she rested her hand on his shoulder for a brief moment.

    Silence fell upon the two as they walked down the road their house was located on. Red’s eyes were fixated on his diploma still, anyone could tell that the boy was in an overabundance of joy. His mother continued to smile as she stared back up to the glistening, orange sunset. As the two neared closer and closer to their house, the mother looked down at her son again, this time with a look of pride in her eyes. Red caught his mothers gaze.

    “What is it, mom?” He asked with a head-tilt.

    “Oh, uh.. Nothing, son.” She chuckled.

    She opened the door to their little, blue, one story house.

    “So, would you like dinner?” She asked as she shut the door behind her, “this is your last home cooked dinner before leaving for your journey.”

    She cringed at the word leaving. Maybe the severity of her son leaving on a Pokemon journey all by himself was reaching her, but she smiled in an attempt to hide her discomfort.

    “Would I ever!” Red’s smile stretched from ear to ear as he jumped in the air with a fist pump. “Your cooking is the greatest!”

    “All right. You should go to your room and begin packing for your journey tomorrow. You wouldn’t want to go unprepared, right?”

    “Ah, you’re right,” Red exclaimed with a panicked look, “I haven’t even packed anything yet! I should go start right away!” he rushed to his room at breakneck speed.

    His mother entered the kitchen with a laugh at her sons antics, as she could hear Red shuffling through his room for supplies. She turned the stove and threw on two uncooked pork-chops, a bowl of corn, as well as a bowl of mashed potatoes. As she began mixing the mashed potatoes, the reality of her son leaving on a journey by himself reentered her thought process. She sighed.

    <What if he gets hurt on this journey? What if he gets mixed up with the wrong people? What if this is too much for him? What if… I never see my baby boy again?>

    This cloud of negative thoughts plagued her mind to the point of tears which slipped down her soft, beautiful face and into the mashed potatoes. She attempted to wipe away her tears once she heard footsteps approaching her. It was her son, much to her surprise. However, she failed in her attempt to mask her watery eyes.

    “Mom, are you alright?” Red asked in a very concerned tone.

    “Yes, but it’s just..” she looked down with a sad look in her eyes before fixating them on her black haired son, “It’s just I don’t want you going alone.. I wish you would stay here and be safe, but I know I can’t stop you from doing what you want to.. Just, it‘s not going to be easy for you..” she sighed.

    “Mom..” Red gave his mother a hug and looked up to her with smile and the energetic, reassuring eyes only a child can have, “I’m not going to be alone, I’m going to have my Pokemon with me. I know this isn’t going to be easy, but I want this, I’ve been waiting for it..”

    The two shared another warm embrace before Red returned to his room to look for supplies. The conversation seemed to erase any doubt and fear the boys mother held in her mind, and she couldn’t help but to smile now. The doubt she had in her mind stemmed from fear that Red might not be ready for a journey, but this was proved to be wrong. Her son is more than ready for a Pokemon journey. She hummed a tune as she returned to her cooking.

    <My son.. A Pokemon trainer.> She chuckled with the thought.

    Meanwhile, Red was in his room, sorting through what he can bring and what can fit in his large, yellow backpack. While he had more than enough space in the backpack with its pockets galore, he knew those pockets had to be filled only with important journey items. He packed an extra blanket and a small pillow in the center pocket, quite obviously the largest. He couldn’t really think up of anything more important to add other than a pair of swimming trunks and an extra pair of clothes. When Red assumed he was done, he proceeded to jump on his bed, lay on his back, and stare at his Pokemon patterned ceiling. The time faded with thoughts of his upcoming journey.

    <Tomorrow is finally the day.. I’m going to be.. A Pokemon trainer!>

    There was a fire raging in his glistening, brown eyes.

    “Red, dinner is ready!” His mother called from the kitchen.

    The smell of his last home-cooked dinner filled the air as he jumped out of bed to go eat his meal.

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

    anyways, check out my fanfic, Legends of Kanto
    first volume completed, chapter releases on the way!
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