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    I'm an idiot who forgot about his own story. So sorry, folks. To make up for it, I'll give you two chapters this release date.

    In this chapter, Beth makes a hard decision, alongside debating herself about the oddity of the incident in the Viridian City Gym Battle.

    Also: Odd creature! What is that thing?

    Author's Note: Sonic reference here. If you don't pick it up, you're a moron- or you just never heard of Sonic. I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog.

    here comes the sun
    Chapter 6: Cherry Blossoms

    Beth left the Pokemon Center that night with a slight conviction toward understanding. It was the deep part of the night, where Sierra was asleep in their room, Matt asleep in some other room provided to him. She had considered waking Matt up and asking him to join her, but she had decided against it. She needed some time alone. Sierra had helped her out with that, though she would have done this no matter what Sierra had said, Beth told herself. She dashed off into the night.

    "Beth, I've come to a decision."

    Beth looked up from the magazine she was reading, letting out a small gasp. She hadn't known her sister was in the room.

    "And that decision is?" Beth turned herself around in the chair, looking at Sierra curiously.

    Sierra looked oddly shameful. As if she didn't quite know whether or not this decision she had made was a right one or not. But at the time, it had eluded Beth, and she merely waited for her to speak as if pausing in speech like this was normal for her outspoken sister.

    "I... Beth, please don't be upset," she said. "But I want to travel alone."

    Beth's eyes widened slightly. She hadn't been expecting that, and it hurt her a bit. That must have been made visible, because Sierra walked up to her and hugged her.

    "It's not you. I just... oh, I love you sis, you know that. But I want some alone time. You know what I mean?"

    Beth looked back down at the magazine for a moment- she saw a familiar face of Sabrina, the Saffron City Gym Leader, a piercing face that told her things that she didn't really understand. She wondered what they meant. She would focus on Sierra instead, she supposed. She merely turned back around and nodded. "Yep. Okay."

    Sierra raised an eyebrow, taking her turn to look confused. "You're... not upset?"

    Beth shook her head, offering a weary smile. "Nope. I understand. Might be fun to try."

    Sierra let loose a relieved sigh. She made a gesture like wiping sweat off her brow. "Wow. I thought you'd be crying... oh wow, what a relief."

    Beth turned back to her magazine and continued to read.

    She heard the sounds of the city at night. They were pretty nice. It was a calming effect; hearing the steady hum of the few vehicles driving through the streets; to hear the buzzing of bug Pokemon living in the city, making their homes in the nooks and crannies that were otherwise ignored; to hear the sounds of a few people talking, their conversations barely audible hums; to look up in the skies and see the shining stars, watching her from the heavens; to her, it was all amazing. But as she finally stopped her jogging, she realized she was heading out of the city and toward Route Two. The second step of what was turning out to be a confusing journey, she figured. It was going to be a long time before she understood much, she supposed- she wasn't content to stay in ignorance, htough. She would speed that time up as much as she could. Her thoughts floated back to the gym: back then, she had done something abnormal, and both she and Blue knew it. She had done some research on Pokemon Center computers and through magazines, but she found nothing.

    "Leaving town at this point in the night, kid?"

    She swirled around on her feet, biting her tongue to prevent her "Spasmodic Tourette's" from shining. She saw a familiar face staring at her from a spot slumped against a tree, his head tilted back slightly, orangeish-brown hair mixing in with the light brown bark.

    "Oh... uhm, yes," Beth said. "What are you doing out this late, Mister Oak?"

    Blue scoffed, a smile curling at his lips. "You can call me Blue. Or Leader Blue, if you really have to do the formal thing. As for why I'm out? I tend to do some midnight walks. Viridian Forest has some wonderful scenery in the dark. Plus, right about here..."

    He pointed forward, and Beth looked in that direction. She saw a huge mountain, its top tipped by snow.

    "Ah, well, let's just say me and an old friend communicate at this spot sometimes. Not by words or body language. It's just a thing where we know what the other is thinking."

    Beth nodded slowly. "I do that sometimes- did that... sometimes with my sister. It takes a close bond, doesn't it? You and this friend close... uhm, Blue?"

    "I call him my brother. Funny thing is," he said, looking at her like she was a bit on the stupid side, "I used to hate him. But now... there's..." His expression changed for a moment. "A sort of... empathic connection. Have a good night, Beth Scott."

    Sierra Scott woke up the next morning with a heaviness in her limbs that made it difficult to get out of bed. But she dragged herself. She had fell asleep quicker than a hedgehog chasing after precious gems (she had thought of that analogy once when she was a kid, and even though it made no sense, she loved it), and from the way she felt, slept long and heavy. She pulled away, ignoring the bed's desperate cries for her to stay with its fluffy comfort.

    She went through her morning routine and it wasn't until she went to go wake up Beth did she notice something was wrong.

    "Yo, Beth- it's eight in the morning, time to get up-"

    Beth's bed was in the same room as her own, yet she hadn't noticed. How? The covers were thrown off of it, like she had scrambled to get up. Laying on the sheets was a small slip of paper, scribbled with fast but familiar handwriting.

    "Dear, Sierra

    Hi. If you've found this note, I have slipped out earlier than planned. I want to go ahead and get on with this journey and, quite frankly, discover things about myself that I do not understand. Thank you for understanding. I will miss you, but we have phones for that, right? You know my number and you can call me any time,

    Sierra put the note down and sighed. Eager beaver as always. She had foreseen an emotional goodbye, something meaningful for and powerful to singify the separation of the sisters that had been side by side for their entire fourteen years of life.

    She supposed she had seen too many chick flicks.

    Beth awoke to the sound of a steady buzzing, a fierce but natural sound. She slid out of her sleeping bag, standing up and liocking her hands behind her head, stretching and letting out a loud yawn. She was surprised: she hadn't honestly been expecting to be able to sleep that night. From the steady trickle of light filtering in through the treetops of the Viridain Forest, she guessed it was pretty erly in the morning. She hadn't gotten much sleep then, seeing as she had settled down in this spot at- according to her phone's slightly inaccurate clock- three in the morning. She grabbed her phone from her backpack and checked it: eight o'clock on the dot. She absentmindedly thought that it would be around the time Sierra would normally wake her up, and offered a simple smile to no one in particular.

    She felt slightly better this morning, the fatigue in her body having dwindled almost to the point of nonexistence. Of course, this made her all the more curious, but her priorities were forced to be elsewhere at the moment. She knew that Beedrill were prominent members of 'society' in the forest, and that wild Beedrill could be dangerous. So she packed up swiftly, threw her backpack over her shoulders and began to travel for the day, a cereal bar in her hand for breakfast.

    The next day or two, for both Beth and Sierra, were relatively uneventful. Sierra managed to beat Blue for her Earth Badge, and headed into the Viridian Forest. Beth managed to make it out to a small patch close to the exit of the forest due to her headstart. Even Matt Joyson managed to make some decent progress, winning his Earth Badge and starting on his way to the barrier of the Forest.

    On the morning of her third day in the forest, it still wasn't quite light yet, Beth Scott observed. She flipped open her phone and saw the time: three forty-two in the morning. So it was still pretty late- well, early technically- and she was up. Bleh. She wondered for a few moments what was waking her up, but was suspicious that she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. It wasn't smart, but she figured she may as well use the opportunity to catch up on her traveling, which had been a bit on the lazy side yesterday. She reached over to her backpack, trying to find the middle compartment's zipper in order to pull it open. But she realized suddenly that she was grasping for air- her backpack wasn't there. Laughing at herself, she turned her head around at different angles to try and locate it, only the light of the moon being her guide. It was quite a distance from where she had left it last night, it turned out: about ten or eleven feet, Beth estimated, resting up against a tree. She wondered absentmindedly what happened to it, thinking perhaps she had sleepwalked, but didn't fret too much over it.

    She tried to open the middle compartment, only to find it stuck. Her hands ran over it, feeling the odd, sticky substance covering it, and she raised an eyebrow. This was certainly becoming a bit iffy. She scratched the sticky substance off with her nails, and pulled open the middle compartment and retrieving one of her last cereal bars. She would have to restock soon once she reached Pewter City. She nibbled on it, before hopping up to her feet- and falling back down again. She looked down to her ankles and noticed something that forced her heart upward and toward her throat. Something was attacking her, and she had no idea what it was or where it was: she only knew from the sticky, web-like substance that surrounded her ankles, bounding them together and preventing her from walking. And the problem was, whatever it was, she probably couldn't defend against: Shelly's Pokeball was inside her backpack. The top compartment, to be specific: which was also covered in this sticky substance, and no matter how hard she scratched, this stuff, she couldn't get off.

    With a short grunt, she tried to rip it open. She was unsuccessful. This material was more fresh, and much more durable because of it.

    "Hello?" she asked. "Who's there?"


    The sound came from the tree to her northwest; she looked at it, but saw nothing odd, other than a slightly pink leaf, hanging from a thin, white line from a branch-

    She reached into the lowest compartment of the three-compartment bckpack, pulling out her Pokedex. She pointed it in the direction of the "leaf", and pressed a few buttons, the Pokedex flashing to life.

    "Caterpie, the silk worm Pokemon," it said in monotonous, droning English, "it is a common sight in forests. Its small size makes it appear weak, but with the stench of the chemicals released from the red antenna on its head, as well as its ability to produce durable silk, it can be a formidable opponent."

    She recognized the name then, but was a bit confused. This was a Caterpie, according to the Pokedex, but the problem was that whae she saw was not green. It was pink.

    She tilted her head back, and called out to the little creature. It had, by now, lowered itself down to the ground started crawling toward her, its small pink body toward her.

    "Hello there, little guy..." she whispered. "What's your name?"

    The Caterpie stopped for a moment, tilting its head at her, big yellow eyes examining her quizically, then continued to crawl.

    "Mister Caterpieee..." she whispered. "I don't know how strong you are, but I value my life. So, uhm, can you... possibly, I don't know..."

    She looked down to the bindings on her ankles. "Untie me?"

    The Caterpie continued crawling closer. No matter how much she tried to talk it down, it kept its steady approach up, and she was beginning to get quite scared.

    Then, just before it came up to her, it took a sharp right turn. It started crawling in a totally different direction, eventually ending up... well, right on top of the cereal bar she had dropped when she fell.

    Beth's fear evaporated just like that. She quickly fumbled a ball right out of her backpack and placed her thumb on the release switch, pressing it down. The ball expanded in her hand, and she tossed it at the odd, pink Caterpie, watching as it bonked it on the head and went up, opening and sucking both the Caterpie and the cereal bar beneath it into itself. There was virtually no struggle from the content worm Pokemon, and Beth raised her hands in victory, then wondered just how long she would have to wait for this silk to degrade enough so that she could break free of it.

    She woke up to the sound of rustling leaves.

    "Ah, eeeh, careful there," a voice said. "Gonna start a forest fire- gosh darn it. Fine. Sorry, Blair, but you're gonna have to come back."

    The sound of whirring, a familiar sound to her, for it was one a Pokeball made when it returned a Pokemon. Then, it struck her.

    "Hey! Matt!" she yelled out. "Could use a little help here!"

    From behind a tree, a head peaked out in her direction. As she thought, it was Matthew Joyson, his black hair a sharp contrast to the greenery surrounding him.

    "Oh, Beth! What're you doing here? It's, like..." He peered into something at his side, hidden by the bush he was standing beside. "Ten o'clock." She saw his eyes focus on her sleeping bag. "Don't tell me you're JUST waking up."

    "Late night," Beth said tiredly. She pointed to her feet.

    Matt raised an eyebrow at the sight. "What happened?"

    "...It's, uhm, kind of embarrassing, actually," Beth said.

    Matt shrugged. "I won't laugh. You can tell me..."

    So, she explained to him the situation and her theory- that the Caterpie had merely found one of her cereal bars and enjoyed it, and reeeally wanted another. So when she had tried to walk away with one, it had gotten a bit miffed at the idea.

    He got Blair to scratch off her bindings, as well as the remaining silk on her backpack. Then he sat down next to her, watching her curiously as she got up immediately and began to pack her things.

    "So, where's Sierra?" Matt asked.

    Beth shrugged. "Me and her decided to separate."

    Matt nodded slowly. "Ah... well, was it an argument sort of thing, or just... you wanna be alone?"

    Beth looked at him for a moment, before shaking her head. "Neither. It was her idea, and I just... agreed."

    "Ah, so," Matt said, "you wouldn't mind another travel partner then?"

    Beth picked up the Pokeball in which the pink Caterpie was resting, and stuck it in her bag. She hadn't told him the color difference- she feared he might take interest because of that. She wanted some time to get acquainted with this thing because of its oddity- she could relate.

    "I guess not..." she said after a short time of silence. "Did you want to join me?"

    Matt stood up and nodded. "You're a nice gal. Plus, sounds like you just attract bad luck, so having a guy around to protect you a little might be good."

    She assumed Matt didn't mean for that to sound as chauvinistic as it did, and nodded. "Alright, then... thanks."

    She continued to pack up her campsite, Matt eventually joining in to help her. As she did, she was racking her mind for a nickname for her new Caterpie- and after a bit of walking in the direction of Pewter City, she thought of one. Cherry.

    She smiled and nodded, satisfied with herself. Matt didn't seem to notice. All was good.

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