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    He's the guy that posted for me, since I didn't have high enough of a post count to do so.

    I also have never used Sappy to rip or insert songs. I'm actually kind of wondering how it works to set the voicegroups. I've always used Zahlman's song editor since it was always importing from one Fire Emblem to the other. XD

    Also, I still can't post links, but I should probably share wav2gba. Since sound effects you hear are usually just "one long note" and the "instrument" of the sound effect, it's pretty useful for having the GBA have the updated Fire Emblem "Get Item" or "Weapon Broke" sounds.

    I just thought I'd share what we found to help you out and then mysteriously disappear... except the darned post count thing is preventing me from doing so. Well, I kinda understand. I'm pretty sure that prevents spam bots from causing a problem.

    Edit: It SEEMS like I'm blind. That Sappy 2006 Mod 15 I found in the a Japanese GBA ROM hacking forum... I failed to see the "Import Sample" function.

    Seems like my complicated process of making custom sounds... is now obsolete. XD

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