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    Originally Posted by ツールです View Post
    KK,but you forgot to add any check points in old kanto(RBY)

    EDIT:Your badges are so beter than mine,I feel so ashamed of myself

    Changed to Blue,btw

    Update #N1

    Amphibian obtained,Squirtle(B)
    Insect obtained,Caterpie (F)
    Mus Musculi obtained,Pikachu (P)
    Poison killed the whole team,two more deaths acceptable
    Insect evolved
    Insect evolved once again
    Beat Brock
    Mus Musculi fainted against an Ave,Mus Musculus have died


    ^.^;; Thanks. For old school Kanto, you'll have to start your team over from scratch (before Cerulean) with a new line up because breeding didn't exist. If you reach Cerulean, then you'll have to create an entirely new team and box the old team.
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