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"... Ryuu, technecially there can be four winners at most. However, that isn`t the case this year..."

Ryuu looked back at Bernkastel. Normally, he wouldn't care much for what people usually would be saying, but he had the feeling whenever she would be speaking now, it would be fore important reasons. Ryuu didn't believe her to be one who would speak for now reason.

"The Gods are planning for there not to be a winner this year. No survivers. And, Kerin just unconsciously proved what I`m saying. Most, if not all of us, are against the God`s Government... So, they are going to eliminate us before we can cause a shift in power... They don`t want me here especially. They want me gone so I can`t take over their government."

Ryuu was silent. Ryuu had not accounted for a political agenda behind all of this. So apparently most of the people here were opposed to the God's government, at least, according to Bern. Especially Bern. Ryuu remained silent as the rest began to speak. It was Raike who spoke next.

"Okay Bernkastel, we know why they want you dead, but what about us? I can see that Ryuu would be an excelent warrior in a rebelion, but he only cares about killing, an unreliable source of power. Shiro... well she's just freaking psychotic, and I don't know about Marisa well, not yet at least. Even me? If anything I really didn't do much in my own district... well not as much as the rest of you."

Ryuu was silent. He had caused a lot of commotion in his own district. Was this really their answer to that? He assumed they wouldn't care either way. Still, it angered Ryuu a little that people were thinking that he was going to help them in some rebellion. At least, that was the thought of some of the people around. Ryuu was here for one reason, and one reason only: to participate in the Reaping. He had been denied that by his parents years and years in a row, and now, he wanted to participate. Not in some rebellion against the Gods, no. He wanted to be here for the Reaping. Ryuu was a man of simple tastes. He cared not what government was in power, and how corrupt or malevolent they were. As long as Ryuu got to do what he wanted, he didn't care. Still, he respected Raike's answer, not a quick assumption, but a educated guess, a right guess. Ryuu had no intention of helping them overthrow the God's government, or whatever ideas they had going on in their mind. He also respected, to some VERY small degree, his fearlessness. He was a weak human, and he spoke without regret of what comes out of his mouth, an answer that was direct. Ryuu held back a smile.

"I think that... that we shouldn't have to die. For amusement." Ryuu heard the vampire next to Marisa say. A single word came to Ryuu's mind right away.


When this contest would begin, Ryuu knew who he would want to go after first. He looked over the vampire, hated seeming through his eyes.

"...Yes, and are you saying he is the only unreliable one? Also...Ryuu isn't here just for his brutual strength..."

Bernkastel looked at Ryuu, as he now looked at her, wondering what she was thinking in her mind at the moment.

"The government is just fine with him killing off demons. After all, the Gods want our population cut in half... The thing is, Ryuu killed an undercover God, and the Dominant God did not like that." She continued saying.

Ah, so the truth comes out. Ryuu thought. Ryuu wondered how she knew about that in the first place. Quite an information connection, but then, someone who claims to want to take over their government would probably be well-informed.

"My name is hard to pronounce, I know. But yes, these games aren't just to lower the population. Its a sort of entertainment for them. Sickening..."

This was one thing he agreed with them. He was no one's puppet, and he while he would enjoy the Reaping, he had no intention of dancing for the God's entertainment, at least, not for the whole time. He would play along with them, for now. But all these people talking about possible rebellion, or cowardice in some case, was rather sickening. His thoughts were interrupted by a banging on the wall, by Xavier. He looked over the demon, wondering what caused him to do it.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the outcome, the point was that Ryuu was here for one thing: The Reaping. He would participate, and if he won, if he was the last one there, then he would try to do something with the God. Perhaps go on a killing spree, perhaps bring their entire government down, who knows? The world could be as Ryuu wants it.

Or he could die trying. Perhaps he wouldn't even make it that far. Perhaps he would be killed by one of these people. And if that happened, if he died in battle against these guys, or if he happened to survive and die fighting against the God's, well, that would sit alright with him as well. As said before, Ryuu was a man of simple tastes, and it was plainly obvious now: this event, and the events that immediately follow it would be the highlight of his life.

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