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    Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
    There is a minor problem that might occur with lowering the experience required to get to certain levels. When trading to games not patched with this (or the stock Nintendo games), the levels would likely be reset to whatever they would be with that amount of experience normally when deposited into a box and withdrawn, as stats and such are recalculated upon doing so. Disregard this if experience values and levels aren't recalculated similarly, as I just have a basic understanding of what values go through this check when it happens.

    EDIT: The solution would obviously be to keep the required experience to get to max level the same, and increase the amount of experience earned as a Pokemon levels, as opposed to lowering the requirements as it levels.
    I don't know if this is much of a problem since most hacks are played as standalone games. Some hacks are even more incompatible if they replaced pokemon with fakemon or modified the base stats and such.
    Yes, the solution is hacking the experience gain formula but i don't know how we can do it. If it is SO important you can add the difference to all levels while maintaining the new experience curve. This will make lv 100 pokemon compatible with the other games.
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