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Originally Posted by GliscorOwnz View Post
Ok now im really stuck . Im at the Rock Concert event and you need too pass these steel walls , help ?
Go into the room at the end, where there are lots of trash cans. Some of those trash cans, when talked to, have a chance to give you an item that will get you past the doors.

Originally Posted by Mephodicus View Post
I like it. It seems very different from other hacks I've seen. Keep it up.
Why, thank you. Praise is always welcome.

Originally Posted by t0x1c View Post
I've beaten the Elite 4 and the Champion like 3 times and NOTHING happens.
I even tried running through the whole victory road again.
What am i supposed to do?
I have absolutely no idea. Which sucks, but at least I'm honest about it. You do realise that I don't actually know what I'm doing when it comes to hacking?

Originally Posted by GliscorOwnz View Post
Im Stuck.
Umm , I Dont Know What Too Do Next. Im At The Necropolis Hub . After We Discuss With Steven , Meteor , and The Old Man. Then We Go To The Room And Theres Nothing In The Room. Help ?
Go to the bottom left hole in the floor, and walk between the two rocks.

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