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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    Faceleech is related to Turmur. Think about that sentence like a linguist. Or like a Mushi-shi - it's the same sort of skill, I think.

    The other legendaries are not available yet. I give them out sparingly. As of yet, you can only get Turmur, the three Furis and Faceleech.
    Pre-evolution?Evolution? Something to do with Turmurspore, the other dimension that Turmur came from, or the Rydrake wing? With the Meatfather? Ahh, so frustrating!
    Also, on a completely unrelated note, is the Odd Keystone the item the "Mystery Caller" is looking for?

    Originally Posted by sharpbow11 View Post
    Okay, I'v been very frusterated at times with the ports after you've whited out, porting you very far, very very far. But this is ridiculous, I'm in the necropolis and when I die, I get ported to the place where you met the first horsemen, from the beginning of the game! How can I get back even!? I'm sorry, but its just very frustarating. You need to make the whited out ports closer to where we lose, like the medical bags. Thanks, thats my two cents Cutlerine. Also whats the significance of that weird small bird we catch in madio caves?
    When all of your pokes faint, you should be teleported to the Pokecenter that you used last. And, about Cinderco, I don't think it has any significance other than being able to evolve from a, I think, Leaf Stone. (Don't quote me on that, I haven't evolved mine)
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