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Kerin listened intently and nodded at the end of each of Bernkastel's phrases. It was as if Kerin was speaking through her, she was right about everything that Kerin seemed to have an opinion about. He looked over at Marisa. How could her dying be a form of entertainment?! She was a little girl! She probably could barely defend herself against anyone here. That's why Kerin needed to protect her. She was Dana, she was Nora, she was Quinn! She... was Quinn. Kerin wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Almost out of nowhere, one of the angels grabbed a human, punched him in the stomach and pinned him up against the side of the helicopter. Kerin quickly got to his feet, and kept a hand outstretched in front of Marisa. The boy though, instead of gasping for air or yelping in pain, laughed. Laughed? Quite maniacally enough that the angel released him from her grip and stepped back, her eyes wide in fear. Kerin's eyes darted back and forth between the two. As far as he could see, there was no motive, why did she attack him? Was she another blood thirsty psycho? How many of those kinds of people were on this helicopter?!

"What did you do with Fausto?!"

Kerin frowned. So... was this boy not who he was or was she confused or was ... okay, well, the crazy laugh was one big clue that something was up.

"What's going on!?" Kerin kept his hand protectively over Marisa. If this guy was to go nuts (well, more nuts), anyone could get hurt.
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