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Update 2:
Beat Brock.
Got through Mt. Moon (with a Clefairy as an extra Mus Musculus (it looks like a mouse, even if it does say 'Fairy' in the 'dex))
Made it to Cerulean.
Beat Blue with only 1 casualty (would have been 2, but I revived Rattata before the battle ended.)

Location: Cerulean City
Team and lives:
Ivysaur (lvl 16) x3
Butterfree (lvl 15) x3
Mankey (lvl 14) x2
Rattata (lvl 15) x1

The Mus Musculus doesn't look too promising, though it has gotten better recently. It still may become extinct sooner rather than later. The Reptile and Insect are FTW.
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