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    Episode 29: The Legend of Feu Rose

    [BGM: Hearts in Ice]

    "The Prinplups were okay..." Dawn assured the group as she healed an injured Piplup. "Just a few minor scratches."

    "Next time, Ash, play only when you're sure you're not going to cause an avalanche." Brock cautioned. "The vibration of the flute against the cave walls likely caused what happened back there."

    "I'm still curious about Feu Rose." Misty mused. "One, what is it doing in an ice cave, and two, what lore is behind it?"

    "Number one I don't know, but number two I'm sure Brock could tell you about way better than I could." Ash replied.

    "A thousand gold pieces says he breaks a harp string in the cold." Kissa whispered to Janine, who giggled at the thought, knowing Kissa's bet was only in jest. But no twang echoed through the icy corridors, only the plings and plungs that signaled that the harp was being tuned.

    [BGM: A Tale of Wonder]

    When he was ready, the now familiar strains of Marista's Song echoed through the cave before Brock began "There was once a king who had a lovely daughter. Many a prince or adventurer came and asked for the princess' hand in marriage, but the first two to ask were Entei, the Fire Beast, and Manaphy, Prince of the Sea. Manaphy went to the castle and asked for the princess' hand in marraige, only to discover that Entei had asked first."

    "Shouldn't Manaphy have her?" Ash asked. "Water does beat fire, after all."

    "What you say is true, and Entei and Manaphy both knew that as well, so a battle between them would be unfair." Brock replied. "So the king decided to allow them both to display their power for the princess, and whoever could put on the better show won her hand."

    "Fair enough." Misty mused.

    "It was decided that the contest be held in an ice cave like this one, with the royal wizard serving as a judge." Brock continued over an interlude. "The day of the contest came, and not even the biting cold turned away the many spectators that came to watch."

    "So who won?" Janine asked.

    "Entei stunned the crowd with his red flames, and Manaphy created icy patterns on the cave walls." Brock continued. "But the two Pokemon ended up in a tie, and so the royal wizard asked them to attack at the same time. The point where the fire and ice met erupted into a pink flame that protected either side from being injured-Entei and Manaphy then realized their fighting over the princess was foolish, and left the pink flame spell in the snow in rememberance of their fruitless battle-so ends the tale of 'The Conest Between Entei and Manaphy'

    [BGM: Hearts in Ice]

    "But who did the princess eventually marry?" Misty asked.

    "It depends on which minstrel you ask-some minstrels say she married the royal wizard. Others say she married a wealthy noble." Brock mused as he put the harp away. "Myself...I leave it for you to decide who she married."

    "Maybe if we find the scorched ice that Entei left and Manaphy's designs, we could find Feu Rose." Ash suggested.

    "It's just a story, Ash..." Dawn cautioned as the group continued down the icy corridor.

    "That may be true, but for all we know, their contest may have taken place in this very cave!" Ash countered. He calmed down when he heard some icicles rattle, ever mindful about the avalanche from before.

    "Remember what I said about not everything in a story has to be true?" Brock warned. 'This is one such occasion."

    "Then how do you explain this?" Ash asked, gesturing to a series of black char marks that looked like it could have come from fire on one wall.

    Dawn studied the char marks. "You know, I think you may be right, Ash!"

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