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    *scratches chin* Hmmm... What do I use to draw?...
    Well, to bee honest, all I ever use (when I'm at school) is my good ol' trusty 0.5mm mech, and the erasers designed for that model are very nice... I also have some bigger erasers (vinyl) that do bigger erasing jobs... I also keep a piece of sandpaper with me, for when I need to point (Drafter's term for 'sharpen' ) my pencil for fine details... I let the tip get a long, flat area for when I do shading... I used to carry around a couple of blending tools, but I rarely used them, and they got ruined if my backpack were to get wet, so I just leave them at home... The other things I have at home are a bunch of cheap Crayola colored pencils, a Micron (0.20mm) felt tip for inking (though I rarely ink), and a set of pencils, 6B, 4B, HB, 2H, 3H, and 4H...
    But, most of my drawing work is done at school (like the one attached below), and in my 45 minute study hall time (the pic below was done from guides to finish in just that one period, and I took another 5 minutes in my next class cleaning a tiny bit up)

    Oh, dear! I forgot about what I use on my computer, lol!
    For most things (like my avatar/sig, which was done completely by hand, no filters) I use Adobe Photoshop (I just recently got CS, and I'm lovin' it!)... for some other things (high-quality lineart, like my previous avatars) I use Adobe Illustrator (also CS)...

    --The pic attached, done in school, 50 minutes, only using 0.5mm mech pencil, no post-scan cleanups--
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    I have returned!
    From a rather long hiatus, might I add... *looks around*
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