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    Shizuka had been paying very close attention to everything that was going on around him, but his eyes remained shut so as not to appear too interested - make them walk on thin ice when it comes to figuring me out. Bernkastel, Ryuu, Kerin and Marisa had been the ones causing all of the commotion for the majority of the helicopter ride; others would chime in periodically when the time was right, but other than that not much had been going on. That was until just a few moments ago, Shizu quickly replayed the scene that had snapped him out of his pretend sleeping. It started with Bernkastel,

    "... Ryuu, technically there can be four winners at most. However, that isn`t the case this year...The Gods are planning for there not to be a winner this year. No survivors. And, Kerin just unconsciously proved what I`m saying. Most, if not all of us, are against the God`s Government... So, they are going to eliminate us before we can cause a shift in power... They don`t want me here especially. They want me gone so I can`t take over their government."

    There was to That was when Shizuka knew he was completely missing out on some information, and he had the suspicions that Amelia and Bernkastel weren't letting on to all the information they had - hoping the little they do share will be enough to keep everyone at bay. Too bad for them Shizu was not everyone. His thoughts were again interrupted, this time by Raike,

    "Okay Bernkastel, we know why they want you dead, but what about us? I can see that Ryuu would be an excelent warrior in a rebelion, but he only cares about killing, an unreliable source of power. Shiro... well she's just freaking psychotic, and I don't know about Marisa well, not yet at least. Even me? If anything I really didn't do much in my own district... well not as much as the rest of you."

    And that was where Shizuka's mind clicked and registered the actual reason he had been picked for the Reaping, not by chance of having one of eighteen slips of paper chosen from a box by Taniko Kunjui. His talents for quick learning of multiple talents makes him a valuable asset as an expert in retaliating and adapting to different scenarios and environments. More and more people were becoming involved in the conversation, Kerin was the next speaker,

    "I think that... that we shouldn't have to die. For amusement."

    Bernkastel spoke up in rebuttle,

    "...Yes, and are you saying he is the only unreliable one? Also...Ryuu isn't here just for his brutual strength..."

    Bernkastel's attention shifted to Ryuu as she spoke,

    "The government is just fine with him killing off demons. After all, the Gods want our population cut in half... The thing is, Ryuu killed an undercover God, and the Dominant God did not like that."

    So Ryuu is here because he pissed off the wrong person, the person in charge of all of the districts. Nevertheless I'm sure they were also getting worried about him, from everything that's been shared about him he got on a lot of peoples bad sides and left bridges burning throughout the Demon district. Bernkastel continued to speak:

    "My name is hard to pronounce, I know. But yes, these games aren't just to lower the population. Its a sort of entertainment for them. Sickening..."

    Shizu was definitely going to need to get some more information out of Amelia, because whether she has more information or not - she'll be the one he'll have the least trouble getting it from, Bern has been through this carnival act for the gods twice before..she won't be easy to get on the same page with. Then suddenly Amelia attacked Fausto, catching everyone completely off guard as she'd been quite, to herself and nerve racking about everything that was happening to suddenly lunging and pinning someone to a wall. This girl was definitely not what Shizuka originally thought she was, he was going to have to be more careful.

    "What did you do with Fausto," Amelia screamed. The Fausto, or fake Fausto as is being said at the moment, character began to laugh at her assault. It was then that Kerin jumped in yelling,

    "What's going on!?"

    Shizuka made his way over and stood next to Amelia and stared intently into the eyes of Fausto, if there was going to be a fight again he'd be involved this time. He was going to do whatever it took to protect Amelia now to not only prove to her she can trust him, but to try and get Bernkastel to finally take notice of him and hopefully aide them in their quest. His personal goal to win the Reaping to prove himself no longer had meaning, not when there was corrupted enemies already planning against him.
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