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hi woooooofie, cool team. there are very few things i can think of off the top of my head so i'll just give it a few guesses. :3

first you have a hardy nature on scor, i'd fix that. secondly, i think you should consider investing in a bulkier spread/set on rotom-w. why? it's your go-to guy for a lot of threats, especially things like mamoswine that can honestly rip through your team with some residual damage and rotom-w having gone down. other things like sub hp ice landorus can scare out jirachi and KO a threat before returning etc. you really do rely on it for most of your resists and immunities and it's heavily the glue of your team which i guess is why i'd put some thought into making it more reliable with pain split recovery. (you do have wish now but you won't always be able to get off jirachi >> rotom and eventually the opponent will catch on ;;). i dunno, i'd just be super wary with rotom-w because if it somehow gets nabbed you're really threatened by a lot more things.

tbh if you must switch anything out i'd firstly consider scrafty. at this point you're really not clearing the path for it that much (since you don't lure gliscor etc idk) and it's just like that generic late-game sweeper. if you find yourself needing to replace anything i'd drop him first. i dunno what you'd replace him with, but that's what experimenting is for.

yeah i really have no idea what else to suggest. kingdra in rain is really kinda impossible to prepare for and you just have to guess around. you could try using a jellicent >> scrafty to abuse water absorb (and clever switching with jirachi) to stall out the rain as well as hopefully kill off its bulkiness. jellicent is also a decent volcarona check though it still basically loses in the sun. ;-; you could also try twave thundy though i know some people run subdra and even then it might be faster after a few dds + rain.

i dunno what else i can add... ;-; anyway good luck with your team and i hoped my rate helped a bit. :(