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Congrats, 2Cool! (other people can still get one, though! )

Originally Posted by Tails05 View Post
I would like to join!

Name: Tails05
Shines I've found before: Tentacool, Gyarados (Both Diamond)
Games I have:
Diamond and White
Reason for joining: Shiny hunting sounds really fun, I would love to have my own collection.

Can anyone give me any tips on how to find and catch shinies? So far all of mine have been from random encounters.
Welcome to the club! Another popular form of shiny hunting is soft reseting: save in front of a starter/legendary/Pokemon that's given to you and check its summary to see if it's shiny. If not, hit L, R, Start, and Select at the same time, and it'll restart your game to where you last saved. Do that until you have a shiny!

Good luck!
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