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ok im infront of meteor falls this is my team
1. Claydol level 41
2. Hariyama level 43
3. Altaria Level 35 "in training
4.Pikachu level 37
5.Zangoose level 40
6.Nuzleaf level 37
so if anyone has any sugestions for pokes plz pm me

Ok so what if been doing for this team sense im wikid weak to Ghost types i put in 1 or 2 moves on each poke difrent Type moves to hit it so then it will be Super Effective to Difrent pokes to with Claydol using Anceint Power Hariyama using Surf Pikachu using ThunderBolt and ice beam Zangoose using Pursuit any fury cutter and Nuzleaf using Faint Attack and Torment and Altaria using DragonBearth
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