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    Oh my god, how long I have been waiting for this moment I cannot say. Truly my biggest anticipation will be playing the movie section you've added. I know you'll probably have plans to redo it as you have before with other beta's but still I am excited as hell! Great job Metapod way to pull through. Also awesome ass back sprite!

    To express how excited I am I will repeat that paragraph in Irish Slang:

    Ah jaysus, 'oy long oi 'av been waitin' for dis moment oi cannot say. truly me biggest anticipashun 'ill be playin' de movie secshun you've added. oi nu you'll proobably 'av plans ter redo it as yer 'av before wi' other beta's but still scon are excited as 'ell! deadly job metapod way ter pull through. also awesum arse back sprite!
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