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Was going to suggest this to the mod of this section, buuuut....

A huge amount of threads in this section are threads that are answered in one or two posts, and then left to sit because it was just a question that they had nowhere else to post. Then there are questions that actually spark a discussion, and suggestions that get bumped back to the second page due to the short question threads. The latter two definitely belong as their own threads, but the first one is kind of silly to have individual threads to ask things like "how do I post a spoiler?" and "X title is misspelled!". That's why there should definitely be a Quick Questions thread for this section of the forums. c:

To cut down on stickies, it would be easy to just edit the title/first post of the "Where do I post this" thread and include quick questions in there as well. Since that thread is barely used as it is, it wouldn't be eclipsing the questions already there, and would clean up the forum a lot so the suggestions and in-depth questions can be kept as actual threads, while the 1-2 reply threads can be merged into one thread.

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