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Hi there. This seems like it would be a solid Gen IV team... however, there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made. Even if you just don't know the Pokemon yet, Gen V's metagame is much much much different than the Gen IV metagame. I'll delve into a little explanation but in all honesty it might be easier to pick up by watching matches/borrowing a tried-and-true Gen V team and experimenting to learn the metagame.

Firstly, suicide leads are non-existent (and they should have been last gen anyway but meh). Really, there is no such thing as suicide leads anymore unless you count like Deoxys-S (yes, that's unbanned) or Crustle (a new Gen V 'mon with Sturdy [basically now a free Focus Sash], Spikes, and SR). You want a lead that will help support your team as well as be a team player late in the game. An example of a common lead is Mixed Tyranitar: It runs Fire Blast and Ice Beam to help clear out Gliscor and Skarmory so that the two sand sweepers (Landorus and Excadrill) can clean house later. It also runs SR to get it up early, sets up Sandstorm to cut off other weathers, and acts as a special sponge. There are other examples too but Tyranitar is probably the premier "lead".

Part of the issue with having no suicide leads is the advent of Team Preview. You can see your opponent's entire team before every match now, and you have the option of switching your team around should you desire. You can always use this to your advantage - scouting your opponent's team is now purposeless beyond finding out sets, although you can guess most of them just looking at a teammate-by-teammate basis (for example, if the team looked like full stall you could guess a Gyarados would be a Restalk + Roar variant rather than a DD variant). It sounds negative, being unable to -hide- your Pokemon like last gen and completely eliminating the scouting/lead metagame for the most part but it's really so much more useful to know what checks you have to break down before you can complete a sweep and to know which team members are the most important and which ones you can sack and what you need to lure, etc. Knowing the opponent's team is so much of a boon that it really makes up for every other negative aspect that there could possibly be.

Anyway, there are tons of differences between Gen V and Gen IV and a lot that I just can't explain in one post, that you'll have to get through experience. Dusknoir, for example, doesn't really wall anything. Or beat anything. It's RU now (the lowest tier to date - NU will be coming up soon, I believe). There are much more effective users of Choice Scarf than Flygon. Starmie needs HP Fire or it will be flat-out walled by Ferrothorn (a new defensive behemoth - Grass/Steel typing and amazing defenses + Leech Seed + Spikes make it a huuuuge new threat and it's with Tyranitar to be the top 2 most used Pokemon).

Anyway, there is very little I could do to suggest to this without completely changing the team in essence since the Gen V meta is such a far reach from the Gen IV one - I'd basically be changing almost every set. You might want to invest some time into watching battles on the Smogon server or stealing a tried-and-true team for a bit to practice and get used to the metagame. That's my suggestion, anyway. :x