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    Heeeeelo everyone! I'm RikuCrafter, but many of you would know me as FinalEclipse, or DarkRyuzaki (this is my new account, cause i hated my old username).

    This is my latest game, Pokemon Osworld Version.

    I recently began playing Ocarina of Time 3D, and the concept of time travel in that game wanted me to recreate something like that in a Pokemon game.

    The year is 2005. You receives a notice from your best friend to hurry to his house in Maraika Town, as there was something he needed from you. As you hurry to his house, you are told that you will be receiving a Pokemon. As you enter the professor's lab, you see that she has a mysterious device at the back of her lab. She doesn't tell you what it is. Suddenly, two men break in through the sides of the lab, and take the blueprints for the device. The Professor asks you to go after them, allowing you to chose a starter out of Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. After receiving a few of your gym badges, you encounter the robbers again, who say that they are part of Infinite Continuum, a team of people dedicated to understanding the concept of time to control it. They send you five years into the future, and you must find your way out, while collecting gym badges.

    - One region to explore, two time periods.
    (There will be lots that will change, for example, incomplete houses, new gyms, even personality changes)
    - Any badges you receive in the future will return with you.
    - All Pokemon (Gen I -> V)
    - Firered / Leafgreen graphics
    - Ten gym leaders
    - Elite Five! (Champion is now just another Elite Five member)
    - Lots of cameos

    Check attachments.
    Poccil (Starter Kit)
    Enterbrain (RMXP)

    I would really like this game to have a MAJOR graphics revamp. Atm, Im using default sprites etc, but I would really like to change that. Anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.
    - How do I connect my maps without events (like real games)
    - How do i remove black borders around my town?
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