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Originally Posted by Lindsay View Post
Here's a weird bug I just found: The male swimmer near the abandoned gym has one of Gleis' scripts, I think from the Rustboro Cave near the beginning. I was confused when a normal swimmer started talking about demons 'n' stuff... :D

Welp, gotta continue looking for that Pacifidlog gym leader after he ran off... :T Somehow I'm missing the (apparently obvious) Sundance Rock, but I'll find it eventually. >:I
Must... Fix...

Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
I'm a Buddhist. Doesn't mean I can't read the Bible. It's a valuable source of cryptic lore for use in puzzles.

ya'right and I did'nt damned you , I damned in the general. I forgotto place a ","
sooo i'm sooooooooooooooorry IF you felt for any seccond insulted

P.S that sounded weird but not half as weird as that quiz i mean Potatoes?
Don't worry, I'm not insulted at all. I'm just pointing out that the Bible is fairly well-read amongst all people, regardless of what they feel about its content.

And the potatoes question did have a point. I just don't remember it.

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