Thread: [Gen V] [OU RMT] Changing Currents
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Nice team!
Umm, Kingdra in the rain with Swift Swim is currently banned unless your opponent wants to be a gigantic a-hole and plays it anway. Also I suppose you can´t get around if THEY aren´t the ones bringing Drizzle. I suppose your only choice in that case is hope & prey they have Sniper on it but...who does?

Everything else has been said already. Drain Punch > Hi Jump Kick on Scrafty any day, and I assume your Gliscor is meant to be a physical wall. In that case I´d change the nature to Impish. Also on your Rotom, you might consider the standard 4HP/252Sp.Atk/252Spe spread so as to give you more revenge killing opportunities.

Just my 2 cents.

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