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Aw, clearly nobody wanted to remember it. =p Ah well, here's the next part! Not that long but eh.

Part Eleven: Enter BOUNDARY
Or that guy with a really good theme tune who hates trees.

Last we were teleporting away...somehow. Wherever shall we end up?

Oh, this place. I guess we can go into the cave there now!

A strange pot/button...thing is inside, next to a coffin? Huh. Jump on the button, Bek, maybe we can make a thing happen.

Suddenly music! I'm not sure why it plays here and hardly anywhere else (if ever!) but...well, there it is.

I don't know how standing on a button makes the gate an ocean away open, but let's not question it! Let's go back outside then - standing on the coffin probably won't help us. (But who's telling us the gate is open...?)

Hell to you too, Sungki? You seem unsure of your name?


...And that's all Sungki wanted to say, and Bek doesn't even answer before the call ends. Abuh. I wanted to see Sungki's reaction to wikipedia saying Mildew is a type of fungus. =(


Standing on the magical sparkly island simply makes the teleportation sequence happen again and takes us to the beach.

See? Not very exciting. Nor is the trip back to the antenna tree gate - I trust you remember what happened in the sea.

Anyways, we get there and...the music cuts out. Huh. And then a phone call!

"Sorry about hanging up before, I dropped the phone in a toilet."

Oh boy... Mr Bek, I like starting every sentence with your name. I'm also wondering why Sungki is using the plural there (you'll see why that's odd in a sec...) and how he knows this anyway! And "let's hide?" He's far away!

Wait what?


And then this guy jumps off and lands.

Meet the rival!...Okay, well, "rival". He has one of the best music themes in the game though!

Well, hi there! I see your name is also partial to CAPITALISATION. (Why is Bek and Sungki immune to this?)

...wait, what? Okay I guess this is the guy who wants to chop down trees.

Bek dislikes this!

'What is it'? What is what, Bek?

In other words - 'we don't need these magical living portals to other parts of the world!' Or, well, we don't need thing like that anyway.

An alternate translation of Bek's jump.

I guess so!

A real you!!

Then his e-monster lands. Not-Sandslash, why can't you fly?

Woah suddenly perspective of the rival in an overly-pic fashion!

...Man, no offence, BOUNDARY, but... you ugly. =(

Also it does not match his sprite that vest-or-whatever was white and black. =/

This actually looks kinda cool though!

He's Knd Sky. y!

...Oh bugger that means he's strong against Not-Sandslash. He's also stronger than any of our monsters in level.

Time to point out a flaw in Telefang - despite having evolved pinky's name remains the same as his first stage's name...rather than this:


The other two monsters arrive straightaway, and hence you might, with it being a 3-on-1 battle in our favour, think this will be an easy battle.


And despite having a type disadvantage, Not-Sandslash is the hardest-hitting out of the e-monsters on our side. Well bugger.

And there goes him, because ANJIOSI is faster than everything else and thus can move twice before them at times!

Luckily this guy is on our side - time to exploit the broken status system!

I can't say I blame him there for being afraid.

Although he usually recovers the turn after, it takes the full turn...

Allowing BANLES - whatever it is - to attack...

While we show that the best way to win a fight is to have a pink elephant-with-tentacle creature shout very loudly at the opponent!

Almost there!

Luckily pinky here is also surprisingly bulky.

Unfortunately, he manages to miss. With the attack 'hit'.

A few more misses and hits endured though, and:

\o/ I will say that I was kinda lucky that SHOUT worked as much as it had in the battle though - usually this is quite a tough battle (unless you specifically train some e-monsters which would have had a type advantage).

And then our opponent disappears, but not BOUNDARY.

Where's the full stop or exclamation mark? =(

Bek agrees.

"Just over-sized strange looking creatures with phones!"

This says something about Bek's other friends...

BOUNDARY seems slow to catch on.

...Yes, you lose today.

Then he uses the tree to leave. I guess if he can't chop it down, he might as well use it? Anyways we now will not see Boundary for half a game. No, really. Great rival, huh?

Bek realises BOUNDARY stole his wallet.

This is basically becoming a catch-phrase, isn't it.

...But...okay, first he tells us that this guy was coming somehow and now goes back to 'durr hurr what's going on over there'.

Bek has many more jumps to make in the future of this game. Many, many more.

I wonder if Boundary had brought an [AXE]?

Gotta love Sungki - 'that sucks but hey you should go visit this city!!!' And...what guards?

And then he hangs up.

Well it's not like we have anything better to do! Check out that name of the city btw... yeesh.

So concludes this part! The next contains a lot of shops and a competition! Excitement!

(The YOU'RE KILLING THE TREES image is from hiimdaisy comics, yo).