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Originally Posted by Amuse View Post
Nice team!
Umm, Kingdra in the rain with Swift Swim is currently banned unless your opponent wants to be a gigantic a-hole and plays it anway. Also I suppose you can´t get around if THEY aren´t the ones bringing Drizzle. I suppose your only choice in that case is hope & prey they have Sniper on it but...who does?

Everything else has been said already. Drain Punch > Hi Jump Kick on Scrafty any day, and I assume your Gliscor is meant to be a physical wall. In that case I´d change the nature to Impish. Also on your Rotom, you might consider the standard 4HP/252Sp.Atk/252Spe spread so as to give you more revenge killing opportunities.

Just my 2 cents.
He's talking about Kingdra used in non-Drizzle environments. Basically, Swift Swim Kingdra is allowed when used with Pokemon that use the move Rain Dance, just not allowed with Politoed and its Drizzle ability. Infinite rain is deemed "too" broken with Kingdra, whereas Damp Rock rain (that only lasts eight turns) is fine. I guess this is just more clarification than anything, but Kingdra is allowed in the rain - just not with Politoed.