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Do you believe in aliens?

I find this question to be worded a little funny. When asked if I "believe in aliens," the first thing that comes to mind of my questioner is the image of little green men in spaceships that populate a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.

But I understand what this question is approaching to ask is if one finds plausible the proposition that life can exist on other planets. If we were to lack belief in a supernatural creation of the universe, and presumably of life as well, wouldn't we then consider it an entirely plausible proposition?

Yes, the existence of life on other planets, if we are to hold it true that life was formed on this planet through naturalistic processes, would make us conceited not to think as plausible.

An interesting avenue down this road is whether or not it would be possible to interact in any meaningful way with life on other planets. Considering the distance, habitat, possible hostility, etc. of other life in the universe, does anyone feel that we would ever be successful in reaching out to others? Or do we find it more likely that we'll be isolated in the universe, unable to communicate with life elsewhere?
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