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    Originally Posted by Lake of Retro View Post
    Hey guys, just an update, I've been SR'ing for a Hoenn Starter all day yesterday and today, still no luck. I think I've gone through about 5000 starters, when do you think they'll shine? Good luck to everyones hunts!
    Are you hunting on Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald? If Emerald, stop! You might never get it. If Ruby or Sapphire, keep going! I'm sure you'll get a shiny soon.

    Originally Posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo View Post
    That was last month, wasn't it? Look at the main page again...

    Yeah, there was a bit of a mix-up with the contest. Landorus hadn't posted or even logged on to PC in over 25 days, so I wasn't really expecting him to update the contest. I made one, but I didn't see that he had edited the second post with a new one, which leaves two right now. Landorus's is the official one.

    Sorry about that.

    Originally Posted by 2Cool4Mewtwo View Post
    Oh, event doesn't stop when anybody gets it? Oh well, good to have more than 1 winner if that becomes the case anyways
    It's whoever gets the most. Say two people each get 1 and another person gets 2: the person with 2 would be the winner.

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