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    I do get ashamed of my beliefs easily, am vulnerable to group mentality, and don't like to talk about them. However, this is what I actually feel.

    I believe the following to be, if not the absolute truth, almost certainly true: God, as almost any mainstream religion knows him, does not exist. Meditation, yoga, and spiritual activities can be useful to the soul. Jesus had great intentions, but was not, and is not, a god. Homosexuality is not wrong, and everyone has slight homosexual, as well as heterosexual, thoughts. Abortion is evil, but is acceptable in dire circumstances. All life is valuable, even those of enemies. Being a missionary is not an honorable profession. I do not know what happens after you die, but it probably does not resemble what Christianity teaches.

    My family was Unitarian but I decided as a child to become an atheist. Even if I believed in the principles of Christianity, organized religion is not for me, so I wouldn't join a church voluntarily. If I ever have children, I will not raise them under any specific doctrine, atheism included, but I will allow them to choose whatever is right for them.