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Originally Posted by Spectrum View Post
I think I remember suggesting this years ago, and using it at other forums I ran. It's not a bad idea in theory, but in practice, it doesn't really work.

Basically, common questions are already answered in the FAQ, and the ones that aren't can be found easily by searching. If people can't be bothered doing that, they usually can't be bothered reading a common questions thread, either.
I thought the same thing thinking about it, but then I realized that they already put forth the effort to find the right section for it, it's not a huge stretch (if the notice on the top added something about where to put a quick question) to think that they would read enough in the forum to figure out where in the forum to put it. Keep in mind as well that this also applies to minor nitpicks on the site such as misspellings and such, so it's not just questions and it won't be just new people posting in it. :x

Some will get through of course, either through people not reading or people thinking their question is more important than it is, but it would make the forum have a lot less 1 reply/2 reply threads, which imo don't look very nice.

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