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    Chapter 2 - Marisa Ryunatta - Vampire District

    I didn't cry at the news. The news Bernkastel had planned on telling us. However, she also didn't plan on telling us that Fausto was... Well, not him. Our bakery boy, wasn't naturally here. So, it took Amelia's touch to figure that out. Her Sense Feeling was quite the ability. Especially, with whom we were up against. However, I had not predicted that she would slam the boy into the helicopter. I yelped like the little, defenseless girl I was, when I felt the machine tip ever so slightly from the impact. Now Fausto was laughing. That definitely was not the tone of his voice.

    "Body Jumper," I squeaked, scrambling myself beside Kerin's body. He was a safe person to be with. Bern, I was still unsure of. I watched as one of the large, male angels positioned himself beside Amelia. Which, wasn't the best idea. "M-mister government person...? Can you please go away?" I asked innocently, staring at Fausto.

    He only laughed, and in the most low, auto-tuned voice, said; "Sweetheart, can you please go die in the arena for me? Thanks~" My eyes widened, and it wasn't because of how horrifyingly vengeful his fake voice sounded. Who was it, that called me sweetheart last? Why couldn't I remember this, when the future set before my hands was as clear as day? Perhaps that was the price to pay. The loss of my past, to gain a future in this defiant world? Unlike Amelia, who could see anything around her with a touch, I could could literally see, every pin-point move of the universe. Nobody liked playing memory games with me. I couldn't blame them. When I had the ability to see things before they happened. It wasn't like in those cheap, science fiction books where it came to me in a vision or dream. No no, I saw it. My world would run much more quickly, right until I had watched forty years of life, within forty seconds of my time.

    So, one could say the set up was like a chessboard, with one extra rule. That one rule, has made a big impact on my life.

    I can't physically age. I'm a twelve-year-old trapped in the body of a nine-year-old. A blessing and a curse. On one side, I can be the way I am; childish and fond of animals. While on the other, I can never really get my drivers license. I had Kerin thinking i was some little, poor child. Good and bad. One, I could keep his company. I wasn't using him. And, I didn't really mind...Cuddling up to him without a bunch of eyes coldly accusing me as I had seen being done to other teens. But, I didn't want to grow up. I was a child at heart, and I could act that way, until I died.

    To add to my terror, I whimpered softly at Fausto's threat, and made myself into a tiny ball on Kerin's lap. "Mew...."
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