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"Body jumper," Marisa squeezed herself behind Kerin. "M-mister government person...? Can you please go away?"

"Body jumper? What's a... wait, what? Government?" Kerin looked back at this Fausto person. He had a disgustingly ugly sweet smile on his face. It almost made Kerin want to puke. He pulled Marisa closer as Fausto looked directly at her.

"Sweetheart, can you please go die in the arena for me? Thanks."

Kerin felt his temperature rise quite quickly and his face heat up. What was with everyone and being so cruel to Marisa!? She hadn't done anything for them! Why?! Like the gods, for putting her in this tournament and Shiro and Ryuu and now this Fausto! It was just a bunch of crap Kerin couldn't taken anymore. He wanted to punch this guy so bad. To just break his nose, to hear that satisfying snap. Because this guy, oh this guy. He just reeked of evil.

"You son of a bítch," he let go of Marisa, clenched his fists and strode over, his nostrils flaring. Seriously, what was with people?! What happened to love and stuff, why did people have to be so damn disgusting. No little girl should have to put up with this! He bared his teeth, but refused to hiss like the usual vampire. As he approached Fausto, he shoved Amelia and the other angel he didn't bother remembering the name of aside and swung at Fausto's face. "You don't just talk like that!"
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