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    "You don't just talk like that!"

    That was what the vampire that had been standing with Marisa this whole time yelled as he shoved Amelia and Shizuka out of the way, his fist swinging afterwards and heading straight for Fausto's face. Not wanting things on the helicopter to get any worse, Shizuka quickly reacted and snatched the vampire's wrist and pulled it back mere inches from its targets face.

    "Instead of being a fool and rushing into something you don't understand, how about you just let someone else deal with the current problem at hand. Why don't you think about protecting your little friend over there instead of picking a fight to protect her."

    Shizuka twisted the vampires wrist and shoved him backwards in the direction of Marisa, then turned his attention to Amelia - quickly locking eyes with Bernkastel giving off the 'I know more than you think I know' look to grab her attention.

    "Amelia, what the hell is going on and what aren't you telling me? And don't play me for a fool because whether you're already ahead of me in this game or not, you're not going to make it as far without me as you would with me."
    A Journey will bring about companionship, enemies and tragedy to say the least. Yet, even so, these adventures allow a person to live life to the fullest. So just always remember, start a journey you intend to live.[/CENTER]
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