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    Chapter 2 - Amelia Kunjui - Angel District

    'Calm down, Amelia.' I told myself, however my fists were still clenched at my sides. For the second time, Shizuka came to my aid. Even though he was silent, and just stood there, it was the best sort of protection I could have. Bern certainly wasn't getting into this mess, and Marisa? Kerin wouldn't allow her to get within ten feet of him. And when the little girl innocently asked for him to go away, she was met with a dark request. That made Kerin snap. He stridded over, fist raised to hit Fausto, but...He was stopped just as quickly. A force by the name of Shizuka had his wrist. The angel simply tossed him back in Marisa's direction, before looking at Bernkastel, and then myself. Fausto had a huge, prideful smirk on his face, which distorted his once soft, happy face into something disgusting. Shizuka was sort of... Threatening me for answers. I couldn't disobey, because I wouldn't stand a chance without his alliance. Taking in a deep breath, I hurried to him and said in a hushed voice;

    "ItouchedhishandandIsawscenesinsidethegovernmentbuilding." I winced at how my words mushed together, but I continued to explain. "T-there's a body jumper in Fausto. He's taken him over, and... " I glanced at Marisa when she frantically began screaming out. I was too late to react. Fausto was right beside me with his kind, knowing smile. His grip was on my left arm, and... I could see his ghastly thoughts swirling inside his head. He was going to break my arm! My face went pale at this realization, and he was just beginning to push back on my bones, when he sort of... Fainted. I quickly jumped away from his grip, while inspecting my arm. I gaped, and coughed roughly as if to puke. A sharp piece of bone was pierced through my arm. My bone. It wasn't the complete bone, though. More like, a thin piece the size of a pencil. Maybe because i was overcome with shock, was why I didn't feel pain.

    I fell to my knees, and began coughing. My insides whirled and contracted at the gruesome picture plastered into my brain. I was shaking badly as i let out a choked sob. Even though i couldn't feel anything, that didn't change the fact that a puddle of blood had formed beneath me. My head went fuzzy, as a cold sensation swept through my left arm. I couldn't hear anything around me. I was tramatized. Was I dying? I looked at my arm again, and paused. The blood. It was gone. The gash was gone. My bone was gone. I looked my arm over in disbelief. Healing was NEVER that fast. I looked around blindly, and reached my hand out in my confusion. What happened? My head...My arm...They were alright? Or was i going insane? Did i die? Perhaps not. Marisa must have slipped from Kerin, and she was now shaking my shoulder as if... I hadn't been paying attention.

    "Ami! Ami, it wasn't real. Wake up, wake up!" Her voice sounded desperate. I blinked a few times, before everything hit me. What Marisa had seen.

    I had been explaining to Shizuka about the fake, when Fausto ripped me away from him, grabbed my forehead, and pressed down. He backed away, and within seconds, everyone watched out as I looked at my arm with a horrified expression, before doubling over and coughing. I had gone crazy, over something he had done to my mind. Where was Fausto now?

    I tossed my head around, to find him sleeping beside Nokoto. On the other side of him, was the body jumper. A man with a big body build, six pack... A muscle-builder. His forest green cargo pants hung loosely from his skin, with a brown belt holding them up. A small portion of his slick stomach was viewable, before a tight black tank covered the six-packed chest of his. Muscles bulged out of his arms, which were crossed over his chest in wait. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties. A narrow chin was pointed up mockingly, while two red eyes gazed down at me. His pupils, were like that of a cats. The final feature, was the spiked orange hair covering his head. Pointed in all different directions, the tip of each individual spike, was dyed a darker orange.

    "I call that, self-defense." He muttered lowly. His voice was still a bit abnormal, but I could recongnize it now. I scrambled to my feet in astonishment, before backing away in fear. "Y-you're...!" He cut me off with the slight wave of his hand. "I know who I am. Your worst f***ing nightmare since the boogy man. Hello everyone. I'm Natruo, the designer of the 'Population Games'." He said it so calmly... The fact he was in charge of killing us all in the arena, sounded like nothing more than a job at McDonalds on his lips. "Now then, anyone else wanting to punch me? What about you, Mr. Lolita lover?" He cocked his head in Kerin's direction. "I'll happily make your remaining life in the arena a living Hell in exchange~"
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