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As soon as Marisa had moved from behind him, Kerin rushed foward to stick to her. Who knows what could happen next! This... Amelia as the other angel had said, had just fell to her knees, coughing. Marisa grabbed her and shook her gently.

"Ami! Ami, it wasn't real. Wake up, wake up!"

"Marisa, what are you doing?" Kerin's eyes widened as he refused to believe what he saw. So, that's what body jumper meant! But... Fausto was fine now and a giant guy stood next to him. What exactly had just happened?!? The guy, those muscles, that hair! He didn't understand much, only that he was giant and could probably pulverise Kerin in a few seconds. Kerin silently thanked the angel for stopping him from punching him; if he had, he'd probably be dead right now. Wait, so, if ... had this giant guy been inside Fausto from the start? Had he been listening to their entire conversation? Crap, if he was... they were definitely doomed.

"Hello everyone. I'm Natruo, the designer of the 'Population Games'," the giant said. Oh shìt. Now Kerin was doubly thankful. He quickly gave the angel a funny look, which meant some kind of apology, but went back to staring at the giant, Kerin's hand still on Marisa's shoulder. He then looked directly at Kerin. "Now then, anyone else wanting to punch me? What about you, Mr. Lolita lover? I'll happily make your remaining life in the arena a living Hell in exchange."

Kerin knew when to shut up and that time to shut up was now. All he did was look at the man. Not exactly in fear, though he was kinda frightful what the man could do to him. Not apologetically, since he wasn't sorry for what he did. If he did anything to Marisa, Kerin would not hesitate to do what he was going to before. He just stared at him, his hand on Marisa and shook his head slowly. He had a lot of questions about the guy, like was he human, why did he design the Population games, what was he doing here, and so on, but Kerin figured he would have a better time getting answers from Marisa or maybe this Amelia girl. He would ask them later.
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