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    Alice and Jem finally arrived at the beach after quite a walk. What was it, about ten minutes away from the school? Alice noticed Skye and Brian relaxing on the sand, looking very serene. She sort of wished they would stay like that forever, because they looked so peaceful, and she felt peaceful too, just by looking at them. Suddenly, something beeped on Skye, but he seemed to take no notice, or perhaps he just didn't care for it. Was it some sort of phone? Alice remembered she had a regular little cellphone, but she didn't really give it much attention. In fact, it was turned off...

    "Hi, guys," Alice said at a normal tone, not too loud nor too soft. She sat down near them, and Jem rolled playfully on his back. Taking two pokéballs from her pockets, Alice tossed them and released Bean and Savannah. "No available battles for you. Sorry buddy," she said to Bean, lying on her back. "Oh, and I brought these," Alice announced, carelessly tossing the umbrella and deflated ball. They landed with a plop on the sand.
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