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    Savannah playfully hopped around on the sand and then jumped into the water, splashing Drizzle. She wasn't a water type, but she had a good amount of experience when it came to swimming. Savannah turned and noticed a Zorua. "Hi! I'm doing good, how are you?" she asked, happy to see another dark type.

    Jem wagging his tails and watched Snivy lie down. He mirrored her and did the same thing, enjoying heat almost as much as he enjoyed battling. Ellie came and chattered about her last beach visit, and ran off to the water before Jem could reply. He would follow, but he didn't want to get close to the water...

    "Oh, you caught this Buizel just now?" Alice looked over at Drizzle. "Well, you nabbed a very strong looking one!" she said. "For now, I'll wait for a Pokémon to come to me. I'm comfortable here and don't feel like moving." She laughed. "U-Um Rama will b-battle yuh-you if you w-want," Skye offered to Bean. "H-He's bored." Alice suddenly leapt up as if she hadn't said anything before. "We accept!" she exclaimed. "Bulba!" Bean said excitedly.
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