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"Ahhh hey!" said Sel brightly as Mark approached, giggling slightly at Snype's scuba mask. In comparison to Ri, Selene was really polite about concealing her amusement...Ri took one glance at the pokemon and literally fell off Selene's shoulder laughing, Sel gasped and had to rely on not-so-lightning fast reactions to catch him. "Ri! That isn't nice...Snype, that mask is very...practical," she paused, thinking of the right words to express herself, "you'll be able to see loads and coral and...stuff that lives in the sea..." she trailed off and after a moment turned her attention to the obvious tension between Valorie and Mark. It wasn't bad tension, should she say, it was more of an apparent awareness of each other. She grinned, holding the still choking Ri who was now pointing at Snype as he laughed.

"Well...why don't you battle on the beach?? It's always good to practice on different terrain...then you can relax, battle, then relax some more!!" Selene paused. She needed to get Mark alone to relay what she had found out and what she suspected about Valorie...but how. "Umm...well, we've just gotten out of I don't have any of my stuff...shall we go pick everything up and rendez-vous here in about 15 minutes?" she asked Valorie before turning to Mark. "And Mark, could you come with me and give me a hand? I have a few sunloungers that my Mom sent with me," she rolled her eyes, "she knew this place was near a beach and she always says that I need to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible...I would go myself but I can't manage them on my own and Ri can only carry one...and at the moment, I don't even think he'll be capable of that..." she paused and hoped that Valorie didn't take this the wrong way - the sunlounger reason was actually true, but the main reason she wanted Mark to go with her was so she could pass on information and get some more from him in return. This was getting to be a complex covert operation...
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