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Valorie glanced back, giving Mark a confused look. Had he blatantly given her a hint that would /help her win/ and then shown that he hadn't minded?! Valorie was confused, to say the least. She didn't exactly understand styles other than her own with ease. Never-the-less, she briefly waved at them both before turning her attention back to where she was going.

She was of course wearing her bathing suit under her clothes, but changing in the halls was unnecessary awkwardness that she would rather avoid if given the chance. As she headed back to her dorm, she let out a relieved sigh, glad to have her thoughts to herself where her actions or expressions could possibly betray them. Hopefully by the time she went back to meet them she would have collected herself to avoid embarrassing herself further in public. Dratini simply hung on for the ride. You might think carrying a pokemon hanging off your abdomen would be hard, but Dratini was still defying gravity with her telekinetic powers, and so it came easily to Valorie.

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