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"Don't be a typical adolescent boy, Mark," Selene scolded, flicking her hair back and clearly enjoying the attention she was receiving in her bathing suit. Not that she would ever admit it but she was somewhat of an attention-addict at heart, she loved being the centre of attention whether it was for wearing a bathing suit in school or her prowess on the battle field...maybe both at some point, who knew. "Of course you don't confess right off! Do you WANT to send her running like a scared Abra? No. Get to know her...give her enough attention sure, but don't be clingy...that'd be horrendous for Valorie to have to endure and horrendous for me to witness...I think you've done well setting up a battle for you two. Good way for you to get to know each other...then you can talk afterwards about battling...that'll naturally lead into other's simple really." she said nonchalantly in a light tone, shrugging her shoulders and popping her oversized sunglasses on.

"Hey baby, you coming my way??" shouted an uncouth boy, and Selene stopped walking, turning to him and sending him a strong, rude finger gesture. "HA, IN YOUR DREAMS. BACK OFF BOZO." she yelled loudly, unfortunately gaining the attention of a warden, who glanced over at her and then looked back, eyes wide. "Excuse me Miss...that is not appropriate attire for school." he said, crossing his arms and walking over. Selene smiled and shook her head, gesturing to the sunlounger she was carrying. "Nuh-uh Sir, we're heading to the beach. We just needed to pick some things up first...we're waiting for a friend and then we'll be on our way!" the warden seemed pacified and walked off, shooting a last uncertain look at Sel. She was oblivious, however, and turned back to Mark excitedly. "SO! How into Valorie are you? Crush or the Real Deal? Do I have to write my Best Woman speech yet??" she nudged him with her elbow and laughed loudly.

Meanwhile Ri was tottering along behind them, a sunlounger about 5 times his size wobbling over his head. He reached them and dropped the sunlounger, panting, shooting Selene an angry look.
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