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Ryuu had begun to tune out a bit after Xavier had banged his head on the wall, almost oblivious to the events that were going on around him. He kept his eyes shut, as if resting. Even through all the 'nonsense' going on, and the fact that Ryuu tried to shut them out of his mind, he could hear bits of their conversation, including mention of a 'body jumper' and other things. He didn't know what was going on, and at that moment, he didn't care. He just wanted the games to start, which is why he closed his eyes, and imagined himself at the Reaping, fighting. He often pictured himself doing things he liked when he was bored, or wasn't in the exact position to do them himself.

But nothing could take the place of the actual event, the actual process of doing it. He recalled times he went on a hunts. Before, he would kill randomly, often picking the hunted by the most trivial things, perhaps that they didn't have on shoes that he liked, or they gave Ryuu a dirty look. All were, of course, excuses just to kill them. But eventually, he grew tired of killing weaker people, and began picking people that could defend themselves. He often tracked down his 'victims' back in the Demon District, and 'analyzed' them, seeing if they would put up a fight themselves. Because of this, he had much more fun in his life. He had even come close to dying on three separate occasions, one injuring him so much that he was in the hospital for a week. He thought himself he was going to die.

Best fight of his life.

Ryuu had tuned back in to what was happening briefly as he saw a large man, not taller than Ryuu, but close, standing in front of them. He was large, muscular, and had peculiar spikey orange hair. How he had managed to get there was a mystery to Ryuu.

"I know who I am. Your worst f***ing nightmare since the boogy man. Hello everyone. I'm Natruo, the designer of the 'Population Games'."

Ryuu opened his eyes completely now, looking daringly at Natruo. He had a grin on his face. He turned to another vampire next to him. Apparently he must have done something to piss him off.

"Now then, anyone else wanting to punch me? What about you, Mr. Lolita lover? I'll happily make your remaining life in the arena a living Hell in exchange~"

Ryuu couldn't help to butt in. Like the demons back in his District, this man was a fighter. Ryuu spoke with vigor and an air of confidence.

"Is that an open invitation?" He asked Natruo, not breaking his gaze, as he smiled at the man.

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