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    Originally Posted by SonicBlazePlatinum View Post
    By the way do you have to beat the Senex at Necropolis to access the Shipwreck on Route 108? Or is it accessible from the start? I'm talking about the current version where the Wooper isn't there, by the way.
    Neither. You must accept the mysterious caller's challenge, and then it will open.

    Originally Posted by atie View Post
    ehm im on gym Island and I don't know what to do now someone help

    can someone give me a tip how to catch legendaries?
    The only legendaries currently available are Turmur - and, in the latest update - a certain Super-Evil Pokémon. Faceleech is like a demigod, sort of a half-legendary, and can be found after getting Turmur. Turmur itself is at the end of the item chain that begins with the Mush Mask. The Super-Evil Pokémon can be found after challenging and defeating all of the Gym Leaders of Gym Island. After capturing/defeating it, you should read the dialogue for clues.

    Originally Posted by Varelse View Post
    Erm, question. Sense I beat the game (or current beta, whatever), I've been going around and collecting the 3 heart pieces that I'm missing and doing sidequests, one of which is utilizing the Miner Doll and TM, so, what are you supposed to do with those? I'm assuming you didn't put them in the game just for us to waste 15,000 dollars on.
    The Miner Doll is used to mine the blue rocks in the Abandoned Mine. The Miner TM is not currently usable, but will be as soon as I build the Trick Master - and his assorted tricky friends - a snazzy new lair.

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