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    A Sun team- good or not- can probably run over this team with just Ninetales. It already has an obvious advantage over Abomasnow as a weather inducer and with a combination of Flamethrower/Toxic can leave many of much of your team crippled without breaking a sweat (even in the blistering heat :p). Jellicent also isn't a very good check since it can be Toxic'd and Surf doesn't do much suprisingly due to Drought and Ninetale's good defense. Ninetales is also a very mediocre fire type, so yeah...

    I'll run through each of your Pokemon since I really love Hail. The advantages Hail has over other weather is 100% acc Blizzards and 6% damage everything but Ice types. Abomasnow is also the one of the slowest starters so speed is an almost nonissue. Run a Quiet nature (+SpA, -Spe) to give it the ability to just spam STAB Blizzards while abusing its passable bulk and resistances. Never run a neutral nature like Hardy or Docile since there is always a better nature EVERY TIME. Wood Hammer hits pretty hard even with no investment so just run a simple 252HP / 252SpA spread. There are a couple of benchmarks with the Atk stat but that's largely unnecessary imo. I'd also consider Leech Seed over Focus Punch to outstall some 'mons Abomasnow can take on like Starmie. Leftovers is a good item for it, since it provides survivaliblity for weather wars an such.

    Mamoswine will want this moveset: Earthquake / Ice Shard / Icicle Crash / Blizzard. Life Orb gives Blizzard the necessary kick to 2HKO max HP Skarmory even with no investment. Just make it a Lonely nature (+Atk, -SpD). No Mamoswine should leave home without Ice Shard, since it provides too much utility to be put aside.

    Make Gliscor have the ability Poison Heal along with the item Toxic Orb.Gliscor is a good Pokemon on Hail teams because it will heal more health than lost by Hail! It also stops Excadrill and some Tyranitar from running over this team. I feel that a defensive Gliscor set (as opposed to the tank) could fit this team better. Taunt / Toxic / Earthquake / Facade make for a good anti-stall Pokemon and a general annoyance to the opponent. The spread 244HP / 188Def / 72Spe works well.

    I think StallRein would be better with a Bold nature (+Def, -Atk), but I'm not so sure. I believe Walrein sucks... so good luck with that.

    Machamp is one of my favorite fighters. I used it a lot in DP and it's still good thanks to No Guard. I think this might be an overall better lead than Abomasnow. It should have Dynamic Punch / Stone Edge / Ice Punch / Payback with either Lum Berry or Leftovers. It takes care of most weather starts and confuse hax is just so freakin' good.

    Use the Jellicent set above me, it's the standard and it works very well. I'd just consider 88 Spe EVs to outspeed Skarmory and other Skarmory trying to get smart with an extra speed point. Overall, my suggestions should have this team function a bit better, but there are still some inherent problems such as Volcarona or other weather teams.